NNSS design

NNSS is a design agency based in Argentina. It was created around the year 2000, when Federico Engelmann and Tomás Fliess made their first joint project.

Here’s a brief showcase of their logo design projects.

Argentine company exporting digital solutions to foreign companies.

“Identity design based on the concept of feeding from a power source.”

5411 logo design

5411 logo design

5411 logo design

5411 logo design

Va Va Voom
Creative boutique.

“We based our work on the meaning of its name: it is a term referring to the virtue of being attractive, powerful and exciting. This is why we looked for visual explosion, creating a brand which is modern and open as to their different graphic works.”

Va Va Voom logo design

Va Va Voom logo design

Va Va Voom logo design

Va Va Voom logo design

Va Va Voom logo design

Va Va Voom logo design

Va Va Voom logo design

Morgan White Group
Health insurance company based in Miami, United States.

“We submitted a proposal for redesign of corporate image, since their communication material was not uniform.”

Morgan White Group logo design

Morgan White Group logo design

Morgan White Group logo design

Morgan White Group logo design

Morgan White Group logo design

I’ve been in contact with both Federico and Tomás. They seem like great blokes, and I wish them all the very best for now and the future. I’m sure they’d welcome any comments you might have on their design projects.

Visit the NNSS website here (the packaging design section is definitely worth a look).

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February 10, 2009


I think I’m in love with the 5411 identity. The blue glowing cube kinda spoils it for me, although I can see the point in it. The logo alone is super strong and has plenty scope with the wires.

Lovely, lovely work.

All of these are great. I like the design of the morgan white group a lot, but health insurance company with color black/dark gray in the identity?

@ Al – My thoughts exactly. Not sure why they went with the 90’s looking glowing cube, but the logo is great.

I also like the usage of the half-tone, 1-color Morgan White icon on the left side of the envelope. Very nice. Traditional, yet fresh.

I’ve never heard of Morgan White but that is one amazing logo. I also love the vava voom stationary and the different ways the logo was displayed, very creative.

Great list David, thanks for some inspiration for a wet & rainy day ;)

Very inspiring post, David. I’m really drawn in by the Va Va Voom identity and brand ( Heck, they are all great! ). As a graffiti artist myself, I can really say they did an excellent job. It almost has a little of an 80’s graffiti art style to it. I love it!

I like the name of the company they came up with, ‘nn’ss, the last two letters of each of their last names. Cool. Their own logo is not all that, but typical. Hard for designers to design for themselves. I mean when you compare with their portfolio, their own logo and website is weak design wise. Their portfolio, however, is top notch!

Hi David,

I love to see simple and conceptual logo such as Morgan White Group. One question for you David, do you think that all logo should be minimal? Or is it just an ideal characteristics (whenever necessary)?

I really like all those logos. My favorite is the last one ” Morgan White Group” because it has great shape and its a great concept.
the 5411 is sorta complex but really cute logo that you can change a little bit, just like the va va voom is more simple but at the same time you can bring new colors and different style to it.

good work

We are impressed and very satisfied with the repercussion…
Thank you very much David!
And thank all for the commentaries, it makes us very happy that you like our work.

Sorry for my English. I am doing my best…

Morgan White’s logo was thought about blue and black because we were seeking to highlight the seriousness, solidity, support, safety of the company because it is not a hospital, or clinic, but it offers services of medical coverage, etc … and it seemed to us to be good to differentiate it in that moment. But it might be questionable.

In his first version the 5411 Interactivates logo had a cow instead of the bucket (the best for us). And the cables were going directly to the udders. The idea was to represent the concept of “raw material (commodity)” and source of resources, because it is for a North American company with operative base in Argentina. Because of it also the name: 5411 it is the telephonic code of Argentine (+54) and Buenos Aires (11).
The cow also was representing to Argentine as cattle producer. The connection seemed to us to be interesting between calbles (digital resources) and raw material(thought, reproduction, etc ..)

Vavavoom is a multiple brand. When the client leaves us we try to do creative and different things…

Well done Trish, few people realize the name NNSS, engelmaNN / flieSS. And it is true that is difficult to do own design because we don´t have too much time to devote itself. Which is not good…

Thanks to all for the commentaries. We are very satisfied!
A greeting from Argentina…


I don’t think all logos should be minimalistic. It depends on the context they’re prepared for. I’d not have said that a few years back, but I’m always learning something new these days, which is fantastic. What do you think?


Good of you to stop by and comment, and no need to apologise for your English. It’s 100 times better than my Spanish.

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