Draplin Design Company logos

“Whether designing for Draplin Design Company clients like Nike and Ride Snowboards, or personal brands like his Field Notes memo notebooks, the work of Portland-based graphic designer Aaron Draplin always strikes viewers as functional, nostalgic, and iconic. How does he do it?

“In this 70-minute class, you’ll go behind-the-scenes as Aaron shares his logo design process with a very personal project: the family crest. From background research to geometric structure to typography to colour choice, he provides helpful tips and shortcuts in Illustrator for creating beautiful work in a hyper-efficient manner.”

The class, and Aaron’s style of teaching, is geared toward having fun. Just how it should be. Otherwise what’s the point?

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“When I got out of school, around ’99 or 2000, we met these guys who looked at our portfolios. One student brings in 11 pieces. One brings in nine. That’s what’s appropriate. I had 100 things. So the guy goes, “You’ll lose that.” I’ve never lost it. And I’ve built this world where it keeps getting funner and funner.”

Quoted from this piece in the New York Times.

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The example he gives in this video is good for beginners to logo design. Not undermining his talent, I am sure he is good or else he would have not made a name for himself.

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