“Curated by Svizra, Logobook is a growing community of international branding designers. Our ambition is to improve global design standards in logo and identity design, and encourage businesses and designers to create original logo designs.”

Visit the Logobook archive.

“In future, we would like to grow the database of original designs, and ultimately to build a strong community of contributing businesses and designers that will help push identity design into new areas, encouraging more innovation and less repetition.”
— Seymour Auf Der Maur (quoted from Creative Review)

A worthy goal, and a fantastic logo resource. Thanks to all involved.

Semi-related are these notable logos from the Graphis archives, and Bulgarian logo archive ABVA.


Absolutely breathtakingly amazing!
This is the best quality logo archive I have ever seen. There are some very notable logos and logo creators missing, but I’m sure they will get round to these as their community grows.

Johnson, I think @logoarchive on Instagram (A study of form language in logo design. Updated frequently. A project by BP&O. — bpando.org), also shares these same library of great logos.

It’s quite difficult to see the difference; perhaps, Logobook is taking this a different level — a community.

David, I’d visited Logobook website yesterday and this is exactly what resonates with me: “encouraging more innovation and less repetition.”

The next time you finish your logo, make sure it’s not looking like one of these in Logobook.

“I think you will find Ireland is in the UK. Unless its Northern Ireland which is not.”


Is it just a coincidence that the screenshot you used features the original AirBNB logo (from a Japanese company in the 70s)?

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