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Stylo Design

Stylo Design is a creative design agency based in England and France. Here are a few of their logos I particularly enjoy.


Eight logo design

I like this one so much I featured it back in 2007, as one of those “logos of the month“. A custom typeface was created using the figure 8.

Eight logo design alphabet

Double Knot

Double Knot logo design

Double Knot logo design

Escape Studios

Escape Studios logo design
Photo courtesy of Sharebrain

Update: 09 September 2009
This logo was designed by Bob of Original Linkage, with stationery created by Stylo Design.

Escape Studios logo design


Surefire logo design

“Their combination of design quality and limitless technical ability always provide fantastic results and mean that we can satisfy our requirements with one agency.”
Greg Richardson
Marketing Director, Surefire

Surefire logo design

To view different images for these, and many other projects, why not visit the Stylo Design website?

20 responses

  1. This post now proved that designing logo is more that just holding a pencil and start sketching. Behind those logos there are deep thinking process and thought, lines and concept.

    Personal favourite: Double knot

    Thanks for sharing David

  2. I’m a little unsure as to how the “8” typeface would work on other words [other than 8], but it’s a great experimental concept and pushes the boundaries of font design.

  3. Hey buddy!

    Just a quick thank you for keeping this blog – I enjoy the RSS feed hugely, always lovely to see what people are up to in the world of logos and branding.

    Thanks again, and keep up the good work!

    – Haje (of photocritic.org relative infamy)

  4. I love how they show the structure behind their logos. I bet their clients feel very comfortable and happy with the results when they are presented in that way. Similar to how an architect’s clients must feel seeing blueprints on the way to construction. It shows confidence to allow your process, or at least the underpinnings of your solution to be seen.

  5. The Surefire Logo appears to be the Hebrew letter from the Alphabet “Aleph”. It very much throws me into that state, if you are at all familiar with hebrew calligraphy you could see why.


  6. Just to quantify Bobs statement, we make no claim on the Escape Studios Box marque. We did however work on the re-brand of Escape some years ago and reworked the typography of the logo (this used to be a digitally inspired piece of typography that rather dated the brand) and we also redrew the box mathematically.

    At the time we fought strongly for a replacement of the box marque as we felt it too conceptual / abstract to represent the company’s services but were unsuccessful.

    This does all seem rather irrelevant as the logo is no longer in use but I can understand Bobs frustration.

  7. Hi Tom

    How’s it going?

    Thank you for confirming this, and agreed, it’s not so relevant now, nonetheless it was my work and felt I should make the distinction.

    You are obviously a very good designer and create some excellent work, and I just wanted to say that I do not intend to detract from that.

    I wish you guys the best, and hopefully speak soon.


  8. Hi Bob,

    All good here thanks, I completely understood your frustration on this and certainly we have no intention of taking credit for work that is not ours, I hope you appreciate the misunderstanding. I’m glad this is cleared up.

    I hope all is going well with you, do get in touch to let us know what you’re up to nowadays. Are you still in touch with Dom? (Sorry I know this is slightly off topic).

    All the best,

  9. Hi Bob, thanks for the info. I’ve made an update to the post text, and if you want me to credit you in any other way, that’s no problem at all.

    Hi Tom, no worries about going off topic. I’m always happy to offer an open forum, of sorts.

  10. Hi Tom

    don’t want to bombard the design community with our conversation – Ill drop you a line now.

    Hi David

    Thank you for that, and no worries about a credit.
    Keep up the good work though – I do like this blog a lot.


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