An example from the LogoThief website, here’s Jan Zabransky‘s original (below).

Coffee logo

And one of the cunningly disguised ripoffs.

Coffee logo

LogoThief. Documenting logo thefts and plagiarism.


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February 20, 2014


@Rich, you are right, it’s not similar, it’s exactly the same! Just a “My” added to it. At least admit your fault, and don’t repeat it.

How brazen! It’s a nicely designed logo. Too bad some other people get to take credit for it at that shop. I’ll share this, maybe the word will get out and they’ll take it down or give Jan due credit for her work. Thanks, David.

Great looking design for that coffee logo, lovin the swirl’age. :)

Is it just me or is there a problem with the Warners post above? It comes up with the snap message when I open the page.

Too many ripoffs in the world, Kevin, as you know. Let’s hope it puts a few folk off.

You’re right, Jeff. The “related posts” plugin by Zemanta was breaking the code. I’ve removed it so you shouldn’t get an error again. Thanks for letting me know.

Oops, I’ve seen this logo a few times, in Rivne, Ukraine. I’ve got a hope then that there are a few good designers here, but the more I research, the more I get frustrated by the quantity of people who pretend to be designers.

Re: @lionelthomas: The rate of theft of intellectual property is amazing all around the world. Africa is not an exception – if you are in the know of any act of theft that is extraordinary please share it – we don’t need to come to Africa to believe.

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