Logotype to be released in September 2012

In September, design journalist, author, and copywriter Michael Evamy will release Logotype, a followup to his 2007 book Logo.

Logotype by Michael Evamy

  • Features more than 1,300 typographic logos by around 250 design studios, sorted visually into 50+ categories
  • Features around 40 “focus logotypes” examined in more detail
  • A companion book to the successful Logo and Symbol

1,400 illustrations, 100 in colour
336 pages, 245 x 190mm
September 2012

Logotype by Michael Evamy

Request a release update through publisher Laurence King, or pre-order on Amazon:

on Amazon.co.uk
on Amazon.com

5 responses

  1. Don’t have the book from 2007, but will definitely buy this one.
    Great for inspiration and to see what other logo designers can create.

    Can’t wait.

  2. I don’t know if they’re included in this book, but two of Herb Lubalin’s classic wordmark treatments have to rate as favs of all time. Mother&Child, and Families (featured elsewhere on this site). Note how they both stand up so well beside digital age logotypes, though they are decades old.

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