London 2012 logo alternative

“I know I’m too late but I’ve designed a logo for London 2012. Because the other one is shit.”

Crafted from venturethree’s response to Boris Johnson’s London brief.

London logo

London logo

London logo

Update: 21 November 2011
I was unsure if the Olympic logo could contain the Olympic rings, but as Lee rightly points out, look at the actual London 2012 logo. It shows the rings as part of the design. Seemingly, bid logos can’t show the rings. Only the official design can.

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November 18, 2011


I like it as a piece of artwork that could be printed on canvas and displayed on a wall, but im not sure if it works as a logo although it is miles better than the one currently being used lol.

I agree with all of you guys, and its not a polite way to propose a work (even if its just a concept) by criticizing the previous one like that.

Ok the other is weak, but so it is this new one, at first sight this means nothing at all.But with a second read it starts to be interesting, doesn`t work either.

Agreed the current logo is shit. Thought it might have grown on me over time, but alas not. This logo doesn’t really do anything for me either, unless you have a fetish for children’s play building blocks. I’ve seen better concepts. Like Jeff said, has no connection to personality of London whatsoever. Stuart, nice execution on the virtual comps.

It’s certainly an interesting approach.

As for the rings, the IOC says that no olympic imagery (medals, rings, torches) can be directly involved in logos. Which is why the Chicago 2016 logo went from the torch to the Chicago Star. I may be a little biased but that Chicago identity was my favorite Olympic campaign.

This is pants. Literally.

The overlapping Olympic rings look like a giant pair of y fronts.

Not really the message that London wants to send out. As weak at the official logo in my opinion.

I beg to differ with other who have put in their comments. I believe that LONDON is not very much abstract to read. Once it is coupled with the olympic logo it is pretty easy to understand what it signifies.

And a logo is not successful if it is not thought provoking. Great work I would say.

I’m not a huge fan of the original logo, but I think the ‘improved’ version is even more confusing in some ways. It’s even harder to tell what it’s trying to say. And like Max said, the logos aren’t actually supposed to include the rings.

So though I do think the London logo could maybe be a little more unique, that’s not exactly what was done here.

The idea behind this is simple. London is so iconic it can be abstracted and, with the unofficial London stuff we’re doing we wanted a logo so simple that anyone can use it. You can stencil it, draw it on a napkin, you can even design it in Powerpoint.

This may not be the perfect solution but it’s a fightback against what London has been lumbered with, in terms of 2012 and a brand for London. Which both should be world class, and both aren’t.

See the “droopy testicle” London logo here:

See our version here:

I think I’m possibly the only one who still likes Wolff Olins’ design above all others. Certainly better thought-out than the above ‘Y-Fronts’ logo. In my opinion, of course.

On another note, I do think it’s fantastic that other versions do keep on appearing. Everyone’s getting creative.

Re: the rings comments. Have you seen the London 2012 logo? The ‘0’ contains rings. Therefore rings being included is fine, they make it Olympic. Bid logo cannot contain the rings, but actual Games logos can. So in a way I guess this should contain the rings!

It’s the triangles, circles and squares that fall down for me. Glad this isn’t plastered over the underground. At least the London 2012 logo has some clever thinking behind it. This lacks all originality. A bad idea rehashed over and over, a shame because I like V3’s work they get paid for.

I’m pretty sure that I recall someone at Wolff Olins saying that their logo was ahead of its time in terms of styling when it was launched and that as we got closer to the games the public would warm to it.

Time’s running out, guys….

I like it..Maybe a colour scheme matching those of the london underground would improve its links with london?

Have no problems with the WO logo.

I think they are answering the brief for the contemporary spirit and forward movement. A bit weird at first time, but in a good way, then starts to feel good… just like listening to a good record… the previous logo kinda boring, too formal. That’s why i like the current logo.

About the alternative… I think it’s lack of the integrity… simply trying to be eye candy… I might be wrong.

I love it when a designer thinks he can deliver a better solution to a certain problem but fails miserably all in an attempt to win brownie points. Most uninspiring olympic logo concept I’ve seen. Says nothing about the great city of London. Belongs on a dance/hipster cd.
Arrogance and Ignorance at it’s finest.

to clarify, i usually don’t like this kind of commenting, but in this case i thought it would fit stuart watsons “shit” statement.

YES!!! I think that its a great proposal and 105% agree with Jon…Stuart IS the man.

The suggestion for the flipped triangle takes it that one step further as far as Gestalt is concerned especially!

Good to know there are designers out there willing to still share ideas and add to others ..unlike some here who just put their -ve 2 cents in and logout.

Much better version than the official selection.

Very nice stuff. No problem relating it to London even if I hadn’t seen the post’s title. Much simpler and more refined than anything I’ve seen to date.

holy. moly. i don’t know that I’m a huge fan of this alt logo…at the very least I think the rings need to be separate. but I followed the link to the actually logo, which, to me, is astonishingly bad. from where I sit – it looks like something from a high school yearbook circa 1990s.

The fact is that logos are not made to be judged from the crowds, they are not pieces of art, They are communication TOOLS and therefore I consider Wolffolins logo as wonderful because its the epitome of versatility. Just imagine how many different forms it can take, how many colors and shapes can be used for the applications and still have the feel of the brand.

Comparing to all other logos of the olympics its the most “alive” one its one of its kind it expresses the spirit (the modern not the ancient) of the games better than any other.

There are more to learn from this than judging it. I support the current logo 100%.

Stuart’s logo could probably work as the London city but I think its too “static” for the Olympics. It would also create similar negative reactions to the non designer crowds.

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