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Assembly calls for ban on junk food sponsors, on The Telegraph.

800 retailers have been banned from serving chips (or “fries” across the pond) to avoid infringing on McDonald’s rights. Quick, hide the chips.


July 10, 2012


Why do people always act like sports sponsors shouldnt be fatty foods? And doesn’t Usain Bolt claim to eat chicken nuggets all the time.

It doesnt have to be ultra protein shakes and groanola bars, but really, a fast food chain, AND… a beer, and candy. Come on, Mcdonalds is always a sponsor but I don’t really know why or how they have aligned their company with the olympics. One of the most unhealthy companies in the world has tried to make itself synonymous with and organization that is all about physical fitness champions. If an athlete ate or drank something from each of those sponsors they would be in no condition to do anything related to the olympics. Alright I’m being harsh, Coca Cola does own Powerade, I guess that kinda works ha.

I completely agree. True Coca Cola owns Powerade, but that doesn’t seem to be the Powerade logo up there. People aren’t exactly going to look at the Coca Cola logo and say ‘Ooo yes the umbrella company of Powerade, of course’.
I think Heineken is the most baffling considering all the drugs tests involved with the Olympics. Last time I checked alcohol was a pretty detrimental drug, however a separate Drunk Olympics would be much more fun to watch.

Olympics, sponsored by apples.

Would it be better it was was sponsored by, say, Ikea? Does it matter that Ikea has no net impact on athletic performance?

If only ads had to be truthful…

Coca Cola: sponsoring the Olympics because we paid more than anyone else to put our name to it.

Heineken: Sponsoring the Olympics because they cost too much.

Cadbury: Spending millions on advertising chocolate at a sporting event even though we put loads of people out of work and closed a factory after we said we wouldn’t.

McDonalds: To loose weight after eating our food, you will have to train like these guys.

As a counterpoint:
A cafe in London near the Olympics which was called the ‘Olympic Cafe’ was made to change their name because they didn’t pay the Olympic Committee loads of cash (i.e. they were protecting the olympic brand). So the cafe is now known as the Cafe Lympic. If only brands and the Olympic Committee had common sense. (the Newham Recorder is nothing to do with me, it’s a place with the same name as me!).

Sponsors are sponsors people. They want brand recognition and advertising. If they want it, then they pay for it.

Get over it.

These companies are targeting average joe bloggs watching the Olympics from the comfort of their own couch, not athletes right? Im a sporty person I’m quite healthy and I attend the gym regularly, but I still eat McDonald’s from time to time drink beer and drink coke. It’s us as consumers who have made these companies the global giants that they are and if a person is stupid enough to drink gallons of coke and eat 4 McDonald’s meals a week then it’s their own fault if they end up obease, not the multi billion corporation or the Olympic commity who take their money.

they’re up there, probably, because they “champion” their respective industries. or they’re trying to influence that notion.

Looks ironic, but we all know that. On the other hand, cash is always good and not every company has the power to sponsor such an event.
Where are the health organizations? The Veggie Restaurants and Slow food Chains? Interesting!
I know some people that had to cancel twice a scientific expedition because no sponsors had the will to help them.
Olympics is about money and fame and media, that is why big names want to be there, does not have anything to do with the food and drinks…
But is still ironic!

The sad fact is, the Olympics could not happen without corporate money, and these companies paid enough to secure exclusivity. Good for them.

I’m half and half with this really. All of those products can be consumed as part of a healthy lifestyle and I’m sure that the majority of the athletes will consume them too.

I could certainly see it being a problem if they were promoting the over-consumption of these products, but they’re not. It’s just about brand recognition.

People, ‘CASH is KING’ as soon as you realize this you can get up to speed with the principles (not rules) of the game.
One way or the other. Some people use money to get fame, whereas, some use fame to get even more money. That is where designers come in, they come up with ideas to make company gain fame and with it more money. That’s why coke splashes billions to make sure they are known the world over, and maintain their market share, if not gain more.
I think for us designers, let’s not forget which side our bread is buttered. We thrive on such psychological marketing visuals. 80% of what the humans perceive in the brain is through the eye. And this is a moving scale.
To live a longer life, you don’t just have to eat good food; you need to be at peace with yourself and neighbours, exercise, and be hopeful. I think Designers are now giving people more hope than religion ever did, and truth in the hope is also paramount. Remember; If you know the truth, the truth shall set you free, and thou shall be free indeed.

But a majority of people who watch the olympics drink Coke, beer, and eat fast food and candy, either from the bleachers or their couches at home. The sponsors are for the spectators, not the athletes.

“I don’t really know why or how they have aligned their company with the olympics. ”

Why: A worldwide audience in the millions springs to mind. Plus the nice little subconscious connection between something unhealthy and athletes in peak physical condition. ‘Mmm…I fancy a burger. But burgers will make me fat, won’t they? Then again, didn’t I see their logo at the Olympics? Maybe athletes eat them. Usain Bolt isn’t a porker. Supersize me!’

How: Lots and lots of cash.

Jared – I agree. Although I do enjoy me a beer.

Interestingly, I think there is only one official sponsor that actually makes sporting equipment – Adidas. I might be wrong, though.

Last time I checked, driving a BMW, wearing an Omega watch or watching a Panasonic TV didn’t transform one into a muscle-bound athlete either.

It’s advertising, plain and simple.

As a side note, I have to say I really like all of those logos!

mcdonald bashing is unimaginative, boring and old. to be able to see the problems or contradictions of men’s food industry with rationality is one thing, this is different.

to begin with, olympic games is a bunch of games. some monkeys running or jumping as fast as they can hardly has any special moral values. to believe there is or should be any is but another demonstration of the narcissism of men.

These big corporates aren’t selling to the athletes, they’re selling to the masses, and they are selling brand affiliation with the excitement of the event. So why wouldn’t they want to be a part of this? And chicken nuggets hasn’t done usain Bolt any harm has it?

At first, I completely agree that it seems crazy for these Sponsors to be connected with the Olympics. But in reality, they are selling their goods to those of us watching the Olympics (and our kids), not the Olympians themselves. They spend and make their money just like the rest of us.

The sponsors have every right to outbid their competition to buy the deal to promote their brands. However there is a certain irony that most sports advertising is done by companies that sell ‘unhealthy’ products. The best sponsorship is when there’s a synergy between the product and the event. This relationship works best for all parties, and the audience and it the best way to build brand relevance and trust.

@Jared: good post! However, it still messes with my moral compass that beer, chocolate, burgers and Coke are the key sponsors for the World’s top sporting event. Where’s Marlboro Man?

And BTW I don’t see anyone giving the paralympic sponsors a hard time. Is it because their money helps disabled people do sport so its ok :(

Why do people always act like sports sponsors shouldnt be fatty foods? And doesn’t Usain Bolt claim to eat chicken nuggets all the time.”

Umm maybe because people—apparently not you—care about the kind of message that sends kids and young people?? They’re obviously more impressionable than you and me and it makes a big difference if McDonalds is presented to them as acceptable everyday food in the sports world.

Use your head please.

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