Loose Leaf logo

Designed by Manual, it’s a good example of relevancy between the symbol/monogram and the brand name.

Loose Leaf logo

Loose Leaf logo

More info on the Loose Leaf Editions website.

Via Visuelle.


Well that’s just nifty. And the humble identity underscores the niftiness. I’m fighting the desire to want the lowercase Ls in the name to have a similar vibe (no bend on the ascender) as the graphic though.

Love the simplicity.
Love the color.
Love the typography.
Love the concept.

Love the clock in pic1 …
But I wonder whether it works as bad as the one that hangs on my own office-wall…

“I impressed that they didn’t take the easy way out and make *another* logo with a leaf in it! :P”

It’s about loose leaf paper. A leaf wouldn’t be the easy way out, it would simply be irrelevant.

That being said, it is a great concept. Very clever.

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