As a nice followup to the 2010 interview with Lord of the Logos Christophe Szpajdel, Exeter-based Believe in recently created an identity and stationery set for the Belgian-born illustrator.

Lord of the Logos brand identity

“The core Lord of the Logos logo is Christophe’s own, but now forms the cen­tral ele­ment in a wider iden­tity, that includes a new ‘stag’s skull’ icon, word­mark and sup­port­ing typog­ra­phy.

“The let­ter­press print and tac­tile paper stocks reflect the painstak­ing atten­tion to detail that goes into Christophe’s work, and the wax seal adds a dra­matic flour­ish to his correspondence.”

Lord of the Logos brand identity

The wax seal stamp is from Custom Wax n’ Seals in Birmingham, England.

More images and info on Design Work Life.

Read the Christophe Szpajdel interview (2010).


September 12, 2012


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