James Martin, also known as Made by James, is a UK-based graphic designer who specialises in logos. Working from his studio in Shedfield (south England), James recently completed his hardback book, Made by James. He shares his journey of how he became a full-time logo specialist, and discusses the tools and techniques he uses on a daily basis working with clients on a wide variety of logo projects.

The book’s aimed at those just getting started, and covers topics such as finding work, design pricing, coming up with ideas, red flags. It’s similar in many ways to Logo Design Love (it’s a logo process book after all) but this is all James — no other designers or studios involved — and his personality shines throughout.

In his own words, as a designer James is eighty percent drawing, and that’s what I like most about the book. James doesn’t hold back on sharing his sketches. I’m positive that’s what contributed to his huge Instagram appeal, too, because there’s an insight you get from sketches that can’t be seen in any other part of a design project.

One man’s raw, honest look at how he’s made a career creating logos, Made by James is published by Rockport, and is available for pre-order through Amazon.com (.co.uk), shipping in January/February 2022.


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