“Half of UK consumers are baffled when it comes to buying ‘British’ and two-thirds (67%) want an official seal of approval to show products made in Britain, while half (52%) think British brands should bring manufacturing back to the UK, according to new research by leading UK cooker manufacturer Stoves.”

Quoted from the Stoves website.

Stoves responded to its research and teamed-up with BuyBritish.co.uk in April to launch a student design contest to produce a standardised ‘Made In Britain’ marque for use on British-made products.

The 11 shortlisted designs can be viewed here on Facebook.

Made in Britain logo shortlistShortlisted designs.

“We received hundreds of entries but with the help of our judging panel of industry experts we are now proud to unveil our winning design by Cynthia Lee from Nottingham University.”

Quoted from Stoves’ Made in Britain page.

Cynthia received £200 and a LCD TV for winning the contest (source: Design Week).

Made in Britain logoCynthia Lee’s original Made in Britain contest entry.

“We think that this logo really captures the essence of the campaign and will proudly be displaying it on our website and marketing material and encouraging other UK manufacturers to do the same.”
— Denver Hewlett, Stoves

Made in Britain logoMade in Britain logo with updated typography.

“To date, the campaign has received national press coverage, backing from prominent MPs and UK manufacturers and the research findings have even been debated in the House of Commons.”

Like Love Irish Food, I’m thinking this is another opportunity missed.

Crivens! Made in Britain logo launched!, on Bitterwallet
Made in Britain logo launched, on Marketing Week
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News analysis: The Made in Britain logo, on Design Week

Via @BlairThomson.

A new logo is now in use, designed by The Partners.

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July 19, 2011


There’s no shock that is the logo that won. I don’t quite get the concept but it’s the only one that looks professional. They were had no choice. When I look at the recent bioplastics symbol which is wonderfully designed I’m very disappointed with this outcome (as a Brit myself).

Oh well.

I applaud everything about this campaign – one minor criticism – I think the artists choice of font is braver, more modern & exciting than the finished one!

Im a Graphic Design student in Britain and I never heard anything about this project, if they are going to do a crowd sourcing competition they should at least make sure every student hears about it and make sure its promoted enough. No offense to anyone involved but the shortlisted logos are pretty dire, but they did choose the best one.

I just know that we have some of the best design courses in the word and that there is no way they went to enough universities. See logos much much better than these at any degree show.

Also on a side note how bad is the design of http://www.buybritish.co.uk/ first thing I saw was a misspelling of Edinburgh!

I like how the original is presented “pixelated” while the “revised” is cleaner… as though to say ‘yeah, we made it better though’.

I agree w/ @AndreaLord – the first proposal of typography treatment is much better than final choice!

This kind of identity work needs to embody so much, the tick and flag/ribbon combination is clearly not the result of in-depth study but more a simple compounding of two superficial ideas. It fails to capture or understand the changing nature of the British economy (moving from manufacturing to ideas and creative solutions etc), this feels sorely dated and not creative enough, where is the flexibility and energy we see from identities such as the 2012 Olympics? (Love it or hate it, it is probably more representative of what we can do as a nation). I understand this is just a mark for back-of-pack etc but surely there is a way to build it into something more.

Not another design competition. Is design turning into a hobby industry where nobody gets paid for their talent and hard work? The results are typically poor for this approach to commissioning (or should I say acquiring) design.

Much prefer our own UKOK version we use on ours and associated UK company products. This ‘winning’ one looks like an advert for British Airways, or Virgin Atlantic! It’s also too striped and could be French, Icelandic or several other references.
No offence to your student, but you should have employed a professional graphic designer!

Focus Mitch: After looking closer at the other short list designs, I have to agree with you. They weren’t very good at all. There were some interesting concepts, but none of them has the impact or flexibilty of the chosen design. Which I like, by the way.

Andrea Lord: I agree with you, too. I don’t like the new type choice very much, either. It just feels weak to me…

Like the tick / flag symbol – however, I agree somewhat with Andrea. I don’t mind the font but feel there are some issues with the dots of the ‘i’s clashing with the text above.


“Cynthia received £200 and a LCD TV” for a designing a major brand identity!!


I wrote about this a few days ago on my blog (http://www.makeitbritish.co.uk) and had many of the same thoughts as above.
It just doesn’t look like it was designed by anyone who knows much about design, so i wasn’t surprised to find out that the winner is actually an engineering student.
I can’t see Mulberry using it on their British made handbags any time soon.

An interesting design and concept but not sure it would be strong enough to use across all British made products. The mark itself could be ambiguous if isolated and not distinctly British.

The winning logo is the only one that doesn’t completely suck. But even then it’s still pretty mediocre. I prefer the original type too.

My initial thought was, “They picked that one?!” But then I looked through the rest of them. And sadly, they ended up getting the best out of the finalists. It’s sad really – it could have been so good.

““Cynthia received £200 and a LCD TV” for a designing a major brand identity!!


Seriously. I had to look up the current conversions and apparently 200.00 British Pounds = 322.47 U.S. Dollars. So, that and a TV? Weak.

For the record, I would have gone with Michael Ridley’s design. It’s the only one that’s black and white. Every other design relies on color to say Britain.

Congratulations to Cynthia. I think for student work it’s actually pretty good.

That being said, I’m sure they could have afforded to pay a professional. It’s a shame that this type of contest is so prevalent. It almost always produces mediocrity and it’s bad for the industry.

I’m sure some would argue that it gives students an opportunity to do ‘real’ work, but there is a much better solution to that problem: volunteering for not-for-profit groups.

No disrespect but something this important shouldn’t have been left to students, as some have said it’s the one that looks most professional that has been chosen rather than the best concept.

That’s said congratulations to Cynthia!

I’m not a fan of crowdsourcing. It may be a great exercise for the students, but I think the shortlist demonstrates the mish-mash of ill-considered attempts.

There’s major flaws with each of the designs: bad typography; bad execution; lack of balance; complete loss of the flag (very important that the connection is obvious).

I think the best design has been chosen, but even this looks like “Bacon from Costa Rica”

I see a “V” not a tick when I look at this design, however its probably the best of the bunch – but a “student design competition” is not the way to develop a national identity. As with any identity its the support and structure that will go into the brand, and not just the brandmark that will make or break the effectiveness of a design – what’s so good about buying a British made item?

Australia uses a pretty naff but very recognisable green and gold symbol with an 80s inspired kangaroo (nothing to do with our flag at all). However what does Made in Australia or Made in Britain really mean? This British logo gives me no hints nor does it say “high quality”….

@Nick – It’s not a great exercise for the students… by a long shot.

Think about it. They don’t get one on one contact with the client… which is huge.

Then, it’s a competition… which already transforms the ‘design’ into art.

@Anyone saying it looks professional – Seriously? Guys step it up… That is not a serious analysis or critique.

It wasn’t designed with this exact purpose in mind but check out the branding by design company Graphical House for the “Scotland Can Make It” design competition. Would that not make a brilliant “Made in Scotland” mark?

The final design is really let down by the typography. The first version is much better to my mind.

Whilst I don’t really want to start criticising the designs, they’re clearly not to a professional standard.

As Gareth has mentioned, this is not something that students should have been tasked with. It’s clearly a fantastic confidence boost for the ‘winner’ (how I loathe that term) but something this important should have really been left to the professionals.

too lazy to read all comments
200 bucks for a Logo which appears on millions of products, selling worldwide.
your government is dumping you big time!
good luck

@kunstbanause – I totally concur. It makes me so angry when corporations don’t understand the true value of a brand. ($200 and a tv is a joke).

Typical design contest. I feel no pity for a designer who works speculatively and gets an insultingly low amount of compensation.

The design, although the best of the worst, doesn’t work for me at all. It’s somewhat similar to the 70-80’s era ‘Made in France’ mark that also featured a flag-like banner icon in a tri-color design.

That is a horrid selection of logo’s, not sure the best was even shown at all, there must of been some better designs. I can see in some the designs where people have tried to take the ideas but they are way underdeveloped and seem like what should be inital sketches, plus typography seems to of been disregarded. Should of hired a agency.

shocking really.

Wow. Where to start…. shame on Stoves most of all for placing the value of being ‘Made in Britain” at a mighty £200 and a TV. “We’re so proud that it’s made in Britain we’re willing to ‘pay’ for a night out and an electrical gadget.” Awesome. I might ask a history student to ‘design’ me a new range cooker for a bag of sweets and an ipod. That’s totally infuriating. One more thing, as the copyright holders, do you thing Stoves will be charging a royalty fee for using their ‘marque’……??? Losers.

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