The challenge for Base Design was how to turn corporate elevator company, Mitsulift, into a relevant, contemporary brand. While the logo does a great job of capturing the idea, the real strength is in the broader identity.

Australian Design Radio logo

Australian Design Radio was given an Australia-shaped mark by Christopher Doyle & Co. When the radio’s on-air the graphic equaliser moves, returning to the original form when off-air. Very smart.

Highline logo Pentagram

Originally built for freight trains in the 1930s, The High Line is an elevated rail structure on Manhattan’s West Side that has been turned into the city’s most popular new park. An ideal monogram by Paula Scher, Pentagram.

New Chapter logo Paul Belford

New Chapter is a startup offering word therapy — a form of counselling where participants express themselves through the written word. The symbol, designed by Paul Belford Ltd in 2018, combines a book with a forward-pointing arrow, perfectly representing progression through words.

The Pregnancy Pause logo

The Pregnancy Pause is a fictitious company created and designed by Mother NY, because maternity leave is a full-time job.

Talk logo

Talk, by Morvil. Logos using speech marks can be found everywhere, so it’s a tough one to get right. The cleverness here is how it looks like two people talking, and then there’s the smile in the negative space.

Daily Overview logo Fleet

Inspired by the “Overview Effect” — a sensation that astronauts experience when given the opportunity to look down and view the Earth as a whole — Daily Overview offers a new way to look at the landscape humans have shaped. The D overlooking the O creates a very apt monogram from the now seemingly defunct Brooklyn-based Fleet.

Freedom logo The Chase

Freedom Travel had always had a gull on their logo and they wanted a gull on the new one. The Chase obliged them.

Paws logo Koto

Paws is a personalised dog food delivery service in the UK, with a charming logo designed by Koto.

Bandido logo Magpie

The Bandido coffee brand “channels the Californian counterculture spirit by bucking the system of larger coffee chains and corporates.” The playful mark designed by Magpie is both fitting and memorable.

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Clever ideas like these is what attracted me to logo design. One I’d definitely add to the list is the My Fonts logo, which has a carefully designed ‘My’ that looks like a hand reaching out to grab the fonts.

Great selection of logos. I particularly like The Bandido coffee brand – very creative and an awesome idea.

Love clever logos, especially when they are simple. The Toblerone is another great one with the hidden bear and Amazon with A to Z and a smile. But for simplicity FedEx nails it!

The ADR Logo is awful. It fails on both counts of looking like the letters ADR and as a shape of the land mass of Australia. Further, when you click on the link here, you are never able to return to this site using the arrow…. a bit like migrating to Australia – it’s a trap.

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