Matias Nadal logo

“Matías Nadal’s initials in stencil, MN, form a music keyboard, his main tool for expression when composing music. Five logos together form the whole keyboard and can be used to further develop the graphic system.”

Matias Nadal logo

“The result is a conceptually strong icon that is powerful and intrasferable (it represents the client’s initials). It’s made to last in time, trend-free and neutral enough to represent a wide variety of musical styles.

“The monochrome solution is given by the black and white keyboard, therefore, keeping the production budget to the minimum without looking poor.”

Matias Nadal logo

Matias Nadal logo

I’m fairly sure this idea won a D&AD award, but at the time of writing, something funky’s happening with the D&AD website.

More from Rocío Martinavarro.

Via Stylo Design.

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Excellent design solution…this is one of those projects that practically
designs itself! Nice design application!

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