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The recent Big Ten logo received mixed reviews. Designer Michael Bierut responded.

“Trying to be clever with the math in terms of the name and logo doesn’t seem to be a game that anyone can win.


“Some of the most admired logos out there are quite simple. The previous Big Ten logo, for instance, is relatively straightforward. And there’s nothing simpler than the Nike symbol, which people usually name as an effective logo.”

Read more on the Fast Company Co.Design site, via @logolounge.

According to the Co.Design piece, some armchair quarterbacks are “demanding the Big Ten eliminate the logo and crowdsource the design amongst its college sports enthusiasts.” Oh cringe.

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December 29, 2010


I saw this article. It indeed seems like a failed system trying to do a “new logo” every year. Especially with the ever-changing number inconsistency. Let’s hope that this thing can get straightened out without jumping to crowd-sourcing.

Just goes to show how subjective design is.

I think this is an excellent solution, one that both has a simple but well executed idea and would (style wise) stand the test of time in my opinion.

Shame it hasn’t be better received by sections of its audience.

Nice try but all it says to me when I look at it is BIG…not Big Ten. As a graphic designer and a Big Ten fan since childhood I’m utterly disappointed, but I will be more so if they throw this out and resort to crowd-sourcing. I would rather we be known as the BIG conference than have a crowd-sourced logo.

The great thing about the previous logo, is that it was blatantly obvious in black and white. While I like the new logo when used with 2 colors, it loses its meaning when used in one color. Love the concept though.

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