milkmakers cookies

milkmakers cookies

“M, Inc. designed the brand identity system which included the resealable craft bags and produced an economical solution containing a front and back sticker that is easily applied to the bags during shipping. The design utilizes two colors including metallic silver 877.”

milkmakers logo

The logo stood-out. In no way because as a man I supposedly have a fascination with breasts.

I do like them, though.

What are the odds a man designed it?

milkmakers (and on Twitter @mamamilkmakers). Via The Dieline.

Designed by Lou Maxon of M, Inc. in Seattle. Photography by Thor Radford.


June 16, 2011


I love brands that fit firmly in the “cheeky” category. This is a winner. Even the orange typeface has an “eye-wink” about it. This raises great questions about having balls when working with a client, I’d love to see the brief!

I like the logo because it´s creative and simple…but I would give it a second thought before buying these cookies since I would think they are made from breast milk. Maybe it sounds ridiculous, but recently I saw a tv show featuring an ice cream parlor that offers ice cream made with breast milk so, in this crazy world, nothing seems impossible…and lets say breastfeeding is a stage of my life I:
a) would never like to remember
b) would never like to repeat

MY MISTAKE! i checked their website and read about the cookies…although I would think they are MADE FROM breastmilk, after reading it I realized it HELPS YOU to breastfeed…so, again, sorry (translation confusion)

good job on the logo! jajaja

As a woman I must say “great logo” however, not at all sure it fits the product brand at first glance. It surely has other product/services applications. And, it’s just great to view.

As a former breastfeeding mom and former La Leche League leader, I absolutely *love* this logo! When you are feeding your baby the perfect food and watching him/her grow and thrive, you stop seeing breasts as sex objects but instead as a source of both physical and emotional nourishment. The inventor and the designer *get it.* Brilliant!

When i saw it, the first stuff that come to my mind was Austin Powers playing chess with Ivana Humpalot. LOL

I really dislike this logo. I don’t find it cheeky at all. And I am one who usually has a good sense of humor. I think it is foul and I wish they would have been a little more creative. I think by going the raunchy route they took the easy way out creatively.

“Raunchy” is using breasts to sell mudflaps, beer, or anything else to men, which I find quite offensive. There is nothing foul about using an icon that represents breasts to sell *solely* to nursing mothers. If this were on every supermarket shelf in the country, I might feel differently, but it’s not. Truly, nursing moms don’t look at breasts the way the rest of the world does.

You weren’t alone there, Carolina. The design made one commentator on The Dieline picture dunking cookies in breast milk.

I watched a documentary a while back where breast-feeding was causing unbelievable stress on mothers. They were in so much pain but didn’t want to deprive their babies of nutrients. Tough situation.

Fabian, Dan, I’ll get the tumbleweed. (:

An excellent and most memorable logo. I guess it will have cultural implications too. Like in Northern Europe we are thought to be a bit more prudish, in Southern Europe attitudes are more relaxed. The beach is one example. So what maybe be thought of as ‘cheeky’ in the UK, may not be the case in Spain or Italy. Love the packaging design too.

I thought the focus of the first photo was the cookies so when I saw the text of the second photo and then your comment I also mistakenly thought the cookies were made with breast milk. It seems this is a new food trend with breast milk cheese, ice cream, and whatnot popping up. I don’t know who decided that the public was clamoring for breast milk food items …

Some of the text on the package isn’t visible from the photos but I’d be curious to know what people think when they pass this in the cookie aisle. If the package isn’t read clearly, the cookies could become one of those “I dare you to eat it” items (which wouldn’t be a bad thing). Either way, very clever logo.

In context it is rather good. I didn’t like it until I educated myself a bit about the product. And because it’s a niche product, people going and picking these up, or really anyone who notices the product, will likely be a bit educated.

So again, in that context, this is rather good.

Excellent idea for a cookie… The logo is brilliant, simple yet gets the point across in one glance. The packaging is spot on, I love using brown paper but I also love being able to recycle, the addition of the sticker labels works well for the minimalist approach, keeping it all about the cookies and the brand. Reseal ability is always a bonus too.

I love the concept behind the company and brand because I can’t criticise anything that encourages more women to breastfeed and which also helps them to do so.

In terms of the design – I think it’s perfect for the brand and in no way raunchy. The design does not sexualise breasts – it simply ‘shows’ breasts, and breasts are not raunchy by their sheer existence. This way of thinking reminds me of the way people think when they say women should not breastfeed in public.

But I’d personally like to try out some different fonts and positioning for the full name sitting below the ‘m’ as am not convinced what has been selected is ideal.

I feel the website lets down the brand a tad.

I thought it just was cookies with more milk in them than regular, so I didn’t think they were so fabulous. Nooow I understand!

Anyways, I think it’s a bit difficult to see the logo on the packaging, I would maybe increase the contrast a tiny bit. But otherwise this is a great logo and great packaging.

What happens if men eat them?

Whow, it’s a “M” with nipples on it. I do not see any sexual something in it but I do also not see any creative in it.

By the way: If I was a woman and my breasts looked like this (logo), I would start doing some aerobic and/or think about what I eat. No matter whether I am breastfeeding or not.
These M-Breasts are way too long.

Back to that Logo: My first thougt was that this was some kind of a cleaned McDonalds logo (yes, I really thoght of McCafe), I then saw that nipples. I wouldn’t have any idea to put their product into a better logo but this company will always be that company with the nipples, even if they started a second product for mens ability to father a child (I have an idea for that logo!).

…People having the idea to bake cookies that help mothers “produce” more milk are only found within USA, right? It’s approximately as absurd as eating sweets for healthy.
OK, we have that sort of sweets in Germany, too. Damn.

Bon appétit!

“If I was a woman and my breasts looked like this (logo), I would start doing some aerobic and/or think about what I eat.” Haha… is that how you think it works?

Dear Linda,

never thought anyone would reply to my comment.

Yes, that’s what I think about this. Breasts often get longer the older you get and this is pretty normal and does not need to be “repaired” by plastic surgery. I like it.
But If they look like this when you’re 20 you should start thinking about hormones in the milk you drink, all the fat in your food and all the times you took the car instead of walking.

But, as always: every womans breasts belong to that particular woman. The have to live with it, not I. So I do not really care.

I only wanted to say, that this logo does not show nice breasts.
a) they show in the wrong direction and
b) they are to long.

what does happen to male if they eat these cookies?

Happy Easter!


I sincerely appreciate your extensive comment Boris. But I can’t help but feel that you are misinformed about this issue.

Some women naturally have droopy breasts at an early age. This has nothing to do with diet or exercise regime, it’s just the way it is. And gaining weight doesn’t really make breasts droopy, loosing weight does.

I would say that this ad shows breasts that are more common than an O-shape with a dot centered in it. Which would be the easy way out when drawing “boobs”.

I get that this is not a big issue. But it makes me a bit sad that you walk around thinking that young women who have, in your words, long breasts somehow let it happen to them.

I do agree with you on one thing though, they logo looks way too much like McDonald’s! The first time I saw the bag I was sure that it was a McDonalds product.

Dear Linda,

Sorry, I did not want to make you feel sad, actually I did not want to say anything bad about any woman (with any shape of breast). You are totally right, my comment was way too simple.

This topic is not about breasts but the logo about them, and I wanted to figure out that I would choose “nicer breasts” for that logo, if I chose that sort of logo at all. I took way too hard words for my opinion. Sorry again.

At least you seem to be the only one to share my first thought of Mc Donalds. Nice.

Have a nice Easter, you are very nice. Any other one probably would have killed me for my statement.


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