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MOCA stationery design

Not something you see often — the resurrection of an old logo created 30 years ago.

According to Alissa Walker’s piece in Fast Company, LA’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) is to bring back the old logo (or a resemblance thereof) created by AIGA medalists Chermayeff & Geismar.

MOCA logo design
The previous/soon to be ressurected MOCA logo

The 80s design (above) is certainly a whole lot more distinctive than its successor (below), and it’ll be interesting to see what differences have been implemented when the previous iteration is relaunched.

MOCA logo design
The current/to be changed MOCA logo

An in-brief feature and reader chat over on Brand New.

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  1. I like the previous one too! It’s got some life to it, some creativity, some art to it. this is an art museum. the newer design feels a more corporate. maybe if they’d done something with the C, like having it rise up and be a different color. modern art is abstract, you need some abstract in the logo to get the uniqueness of the place across.

    Fearless Branding Rebel

  2. I’m from Southern California and I’ve been to MOCA even though ALL THE TIME, I don’t get a lot of the contemporary art. Sure the old logo showed the ‘confusing-ness’ of contemporary art, but it does little to show where we are at in THIS century. Maybe the should have gone in a different direction.

  3. The C is visually irritating yes but I can see the reasoning behind it – after all isn’t ‘contemporary’ supposed to denote something new/innovative/different?

    I suppose an out of place looking C in a non complimentary font is ‘different’ :D

  4. the ‘c’ is supposed to be out of place…while the shapes indicate modern/international style/swiss, the c is there to say “hey! i’m different!” and thats exactly what ”contemporary” is.. and..i guess the uniqueness of the pieces in the museum confuses people Because its so different.

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