Mr Cooper is an an ice-cream start-up specialising in alcoholic and gourmet flavours. The company’s frozen fancies are “strictly for grown-ups” and they needed a distinctive identity and tone of voice to match their unconventional new brand.

“From a verbal point of view the brand is going to use a series of interesting copy lines, such as ‘never vanilla’, ‘ice-cream for grown-ups’ and ‘ice-cream but naughtier’. Visually, after presenting a number of initial designs we agreed on the thought of a typographic ‘lipstick’ mark.

“Our challenge was to craft an intriguing hand-lettered mark utilising both positive and negative space to spell out the brand name and the words ‘ice cream’ within the lip shape.”

Mr Cooper Ice Cream logo

Pulling that off is no mean feat. Senior designer Kath Tudball shared the design development in the video below.

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This is really great. A fun logo, but more interestingly it’s good to see the logo evolution from the initial rough to the final perfect artwork. I’ve always been nervous to show concept work in this way, so it’s good to know larger companies do this to show potential ideas that need time and specialist expertise to refine and perfect. Thanks as always for sharing such great stuff. Inspiring and educational.

It’s really nice to have this awesome video breaking down the process and development of such a marvelous hand lettering logo design. The logo is very vibrant and attractive, not to mention the delicately incorporated negative space. I don’t know if it’s my own feeling or what – the logo seems to creating a bit optical illusion that the words are moving slightly! It really works like magic.

There’s also a really great “melting” quality to the ice cream in the negative space. I really love this one!

The process is great.

Before the video I couldn’t easily recognize the I & M in the logo. I feel bad that the problem of these letters was acknowledged, yet in the final thing they still aren’t clear! GREAT design nonetheless.

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