New York taxi logo


New York taxi logo

An expensive solution in search of a problem? At least it gets rid of that awkward spacing on T–A-XI.

New York taxi logo

Seen on PSFK. Via @uniformtweets.

More images on Taxi of Tomorrow.

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August 29, 2012


I definitely think it’s for the better. Can’t comment on the price tag, but I do think it has more interactivity with the NYC placement and how it aligns with the T letterform. It has some movement that feels more appropriate to inner-city driving and looks a bit like a street map to me. But I’m not sure if that’s where the art direction was headed. I guess they were pushing away from the classic checkered design.

To me the NY taxi branding will always be Yellow and chequer pattern. This is simply tinkering around the margins and it won’t be long before it’s gone.

They are trying way too hard on this one. All you need is “NYC Taxi”, which can be written in Helvetica if need be. Seriously. Three letters then a space, then the word taxi. That’s it.

But since the Taxis are yellow, having verbal identifiers is not really needed. It can be a small label on the door rather than the whole “artwork” on that side of the vehicle. This is just silly.

I agree with Lee and some of the other commentators. Trying to update and offer a fresh look using the yellow colour scheme as well as the checkers would have been a preferable brand continuation.

From a UK perspective, a ‘T’ in a circle represents ‘telecom’.

Any non-English speaking countries using that association could lead to ambiguity.

I think the “T” in a solid circle kind of matches the number and letter system used by the NYC MTA for the trains. However, its the wrong font and still doesn’t make sense. The checkers haven’t been used on NYC yellow cabs in years; let’s not encourage them to add anything else into the mix.

Yellow vehicle + On/Off Duty Light on Roof = NYC taxi. Call it a day and eliminate the rest of this stuff.

I hazard to guess not many people drive yellow cars in NYC. Probably doesn’t really matter what’s written on the side. Plus, you know, the light on the roof….

Why Starbucks dropped their circle? Same thing here. Nothing better to do I guess. Really what is the purpose for doing these things? getting media attention? There are numerous Starbucks around my town that have the old store sign with the circle or the cups, etc… If one needs to change their identity it needs to be done to improve their communication/message.

@ Prescott? Why would you say it would have to be helvetica? becuase the whole city uses it? because the world cant think of a better font to use other than that?

That’s the problem with designers today. They can’t figure out any other font to use than helvetica. Good design, bad design, passive, great, subway, wayfinding, product etc etc etc. might as well use it because we can’t think of anything else better out there.

12 years ago I visited Peru. Their taxis were an assortment of cars of all models and ages. The one thing they had in common – they were painted yellow. The colour is the most important element of the brand to identify that they are taxis.

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