New York Times logoKameon created a T from 130 plants.

“Together with her husband, photographer Erik Otsea, Kameon created a T from 130 plants. And in a postscript sure to warm the hearts of environmentalists, no flora were harmed in the making of this artwork. In fact, they’re all bound for a new demonstration garden in Kameon’s office and showroom.”

New York Times logoHer husband, the photographer Erik Otsea, captured the T.

New York Times logoThe finished product.

New York Times logoClick for full-size chart of flowers and plants used.

New York Times logoKameon’s sketch for the Fall Travel Issue.

Reminiscent of Colors project where Mu Chen used soil to recreate classic logos.

Design-related is this interior signage at the New York Times, created by Pentagram, as well as a write-up about the exterior signage.

I love this New York Times logo LEGO.

New York Times LEGO


Well that Lego explains why the New York Times doesn’t have a lot of spare time for fact checking these days.

The fact the logo can grow in sense is a cool idea. I must confess though – I much prefer the Lego design. The fact that it’s a building as well just topped it for me. So creative – I love it.

Those images are awesome. Would it be acceptable to use the one titled “the finished product” as a background in a personal blog (say if the credits were in the alt text)? I understand if it wouldn’t be.

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