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  1. Hey David,

    I have been thinking of doing a personal project along these lines for quite some time now to fulfill my goal of transitioning from a digital designer to a role in brand identity design. To see a designer at Pentagram taking on a fun project like this is inspiring. My question is, how seriously are these projects taken when applying to design studios. They lack a lot of the research that is required that you talk about in Logo Design Love as well as the client/designer relationship.

  2. Hmmm, not sure, I like the Colts, the Seahawks the hawk doesn’t quite work for me, and the Texans I actually prefer the original.

  3. Seattle Seahawks looks like a road way, the Houston Texans looks like some sort of an alien ship and the last one I can not be bothered to make a comment. Sorry David, you may at times find my comments straight to the point of tasteless, but I am simply giving my 2cents. I think sometimes things are best left the way they were, why change what works.

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