Nottingham Jazz logo

Nottingham Jazz logo

Nottingham Jazz logo

The logo was commissioned by Dr John Tullis, the pianist for Nottingham Jazz. It was initially created for his business cards but isn’t yet online because, “it’s not quite the right aspect ratio to fit easily onto the site.”

A fitting idea based on the band’s location and inspired by Robin Hood. Designed by Glad Creative.

“Glad is a new graphic design agency with a simple mission statement; that anyone who chooses to work with us will be Glad™ that they did.”

Via @stylo_design.


Hehehehe! If I did that on my bass I could take someone’s eye out!!! :)

Nicely done though.

This is an incredible design.

As well as the identity being smart, I love the intricate detail of this logo. Very nicely executed indeed, thanks for sharing David.

I certainly hope nobody would do that with an actual base, because they’d probably lose an eye (as Derren mentioned – those strings are heavy duty!). Very clever, I like it.

Do any string players/music enthusiasts notice the obvious mistake, though? The “bass” is actually an image of a ‘cello. You can tell from the proportions on the body (on a bass the lower half is significantly wider), the spurs around the bouts (basses don’t have them), and the head (the pegs, very oversized, extend to the sides, whereas on a bass they use a screw system similar to guitar pegs and extend backwards). Trivia of the day!

Love the icon, text could be a little more interesting based on the subject matter and style of illustration, but overall love the concept. Well done!

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