Oculus redesign

Oculus symbol

For those who don’t know, Oculus is a technology company currently developing a virtual reality head-mounted display called the Rift. The company was acquired by Facebook in 2014 for $2B USD, and a consumer version of the Rift is due for launch in early 2016.

The company’s logo was recently changed, and the result is what I hope I’d come up with if I was responsible.

Oculus symbol

It’s as simple as they come, yet with a distinctive, appropriate idea — the stylised ‘o’ also working as a stylised headset.

Oculus RiftThe shape of the slider on the underside mimics the symbol

Oculus symbol

Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift

There’s a brief reveal video for the Oculus Rift embedded below.

Here’s the old Oculus logo lockup for comparison.

Old Oculus symbol

And the new.

Oculus logo

The website and headset show both the symbol and the wordmark on their own, but in fairly close proximity, so placing the ‘o’ alongside ‘oculus’ seems unnecessary. I’m unsure where the lockup would be used.

Oculus signagePhoto via

The design was a collaboration between Cory Schmitz, Mackey Saturday, Nicolaus Taylor, and Jon Malkemus.

Via Rick Banks.

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  1. I like the new logo much better as the old one. But in my opinion the typography still could be a little better. It is like something just doesn’t fit.

  2. The new logo is apt for the new paradigm of creating simple, unique, iconic brand identity — iconic and memorable.

    I can even see the “white space” inside the new logo “O” like a nob to be pressed (before shifting the slider on the underside of the Rift) — “It’s the story we tell (David Airey).”

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