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Ollo is currently being soft-launched as a new telecoms brand providing high-speed internet access to emerging markets.

Ollo logo

“The logo is the first to exploit the new multi-touch hardware of smart phones and tablets. Custom software allows for interactive manipulation of the logo to become a creative tool in building the visual language. Playing with the interactive logo allows the designer to create an infinite number of brand-orientated digital assets that can be integrated into the brand.”

Quoted from the Bibliothèque website.

Ollo logo

Ollo logo

Ollo logo

Ollo logo

Ollo logo

More images, info, and interaction on Bibliothèque.


22 responses

  1. Got the look and feel of the legendary Rubiks Magic form the early nineties. Same kind of interaction and fun, with similar vignette colours.

  2. I agree, not a brand yet.
    But a brand is something that is built over time and can only truly be shaped by the customer/potential customer perceptions/opinions.

    The visual element is one small, but vitally important, strand of the brand building exercise.

    It is lovely stuff though.

  3. I love the manipulation concept of this logo.

    Everything is getting more and more interactive these days so this very refreshing to see. A logo you can move and reshape – genius.

  4. Look’s like a new fun brand to follow!
    Let’s see what else they do with it before we pass final judgement!
    Oh yes…what was it they’re selling?

  5. Wow, this is eyecatching, maybe the colors are justo “too much”, still this is a new concept and seems to have plenty of potential in the future.

    The brand and all brand guide lines have been struggling over times in order to people do not mess with their logos, but ollo is all about the opposite, it invites us to play and modificate.

  6. “Playing with the interactive logo allows the designer to create an infinite number of brand-orientated digital assets that can be integrated into the brand” = great if you like playing with yourself.

  7. At first glance I thought ‘nice gimmick, but what’s the point?’ After reading about the project I’m even more confused.

    It says ‘Ollo is a new brand that offers internet in emerging markets’ yet nothing about this branding suggests that. They go on to say that they are ‘entering a saturated market, one where our competitors offer identical services and products’, which begs much deeper questions. They suggest that the brand is ‘Ollo’s most powerful asset to connect with its customers.’

    If that’s the case, I would have wanted a more powerful brand and something more meaningful/explanatory about the interactive element. Is it for consumers? Is it just for designers? Who’s it for and what does it do other than possibly amusing somebody for a few seconds?

  8. I think it’s a really fun idea. The interactive element draws attention and interest into the brand, the colours are eye catching and striking against the white.

    With the logo being able to be moved around, allows freedom with the branding, creating new and exciting shapes and compositions. Really modern and fresh idea – love it!

  9. Nice idea, but the readability is slightly compromised. I read it as “ello” before “ollo.” Perhaps this would be solved by treating the first O like the last one by swinging that right side of the first O over the lead in to the L.

  10. Agree with Alex Christian – surprised there haven’t been more people pointing out its phallic appearance.

  11. Elegant design but unfortunately very falic. Always difficult to deal with designing something with an olo in it.

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