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Via Brand New, after Paramount Pictures unveiled a new company logo to commemorate the studio’s 100th anniversary in show business.

The video shows the centenary proposal around the 2:55 mark, but it’s different from the design Armin published (below). I’m guessing this one’s the legit version.

Paramount logo 100 years
Paramount’s 100th anniversary logo (image via Brand New)


December 19, 2011


It may owe a great deal to the power of nostalgia, but this has always been my favorite Paramount intro, and the one that always sticks out in my head whenever I see any incarnation of the logo.


Does anyone else share this with me, or are there no Indy fans amongst you? ;P

To follow up on my previous comment above, the Indiana Jones series has always incorporated the Paramount logo into it’s opening sequence, I can not think of any other film that has done so, well, as religiously as the Indy films have. The clip below also shows a nice progression of the logo.


Sorry to litter your comment board with links David, just trying to add to the discussion.

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