Part one

In this three-part interview from 1991, Paul Rand talks about his iconic logos for IBM, UPS, ABC, Westinghouse and more.

Part two

Part three

The interviewer is graphic designer Miggs Burroughs, and it’s great to see that a couple of decades later he still sports the same cut.

From the archives, all about Paul Rand.


“Perception is reality, reality is not reality, it’s only what people think. That’s one of the reasons it’s so difficult to be a designer.”, that was such a beautifully put quote by Paul Rand in the last video.


I just finished up watching these. Really enjoyed them. Great Find!

I would love to see some of the logo brochures Paul talked about in the interview that he has used to present and sell his work to his clients. Anyone happen to know where I could find any examples? They mention one for Next in the last interview.

Great interview. I appreciate Paul’s frankness and lack of fluffiness when talking about design. I really respect his understanding of design as an economic and social influence. I’ve always wanted to know how he got to the table to create the brands he’s now famous for. That seems to me to be the hardest step for a brand designer.

I was driving around town recently when a massive 4×4 truck stopped in front of me … there, plastered across the entire back windshield were 2 massive Cummins engine logos … made me smile. Thanks Paul.

Absolutely amazing guy, he seems to understand the issues we all face and explain with an honesty we should all use!

I would of loved to have been able to see his desk or sketchpad, stuff of legend.

Saw these awhile ago. Really great.

@Erik at Logo Critiques: Examples can be found printed within his book “Design, Form, and Chaos”.

@Darren Alawi: There are some great images of his desk and some of his sketches within “Paul Rand: Modernist Designer” and Heller’s book “Paul Rand”, respectively.

I was introduced to Paul Rand while in school in the mid 90s. At the time I just didn’t get it. It took me years to get to the point where I could even start to appreciate his work. It just seem quaint and dated.

I think to really understand how amazing his work in you have to be able to step back and understand the context of the time he worked. There is a great Flickr set with a bunch of old marks from the 60s. You can really see how well balanced and elegantly executed his logos really are. The ABC logo really separates itself when placed next to these others on a page.

I freaked when I saw in my google reader that you posted a Paul Rand interview, but the smooth 70s music clutched it definitely.

I loved these videos. Paul Rand’s work is phenomenal and I love that he doesn’t make himself out to be something more than anyone else. Humility is something that a lot of designers lack. Awesome post.


Anyone else think that Miggs is quite possibly the worst interviewer ever? He looked more unprepared than a 6th-grader who forgot to do his math homework and he was fumbling with every single question. Let’s get it together, Burroughs, you’re only interviewing a legend. Paul was great, of course, and these vids were a great find. Thanks!


Best question: “But a…..”

A stuffed animal sitting in that chair inplace of Miggs B would have brought out the same amazing responses from Paul. That just proves how great he actually is.

I was lucky enough to meet Mr. Rand in Savannah after he spoke at my school. He was straight & to the point in everything he said and it shows in his work, It was a true honor.

Hey Miggs, you did alright. These were awesome. So unfluffy and to the point Paul Rand has put into words what I have been trying to for years! Thank God he wasn’t an Andy Warhol! I love this guy. He really knows his stuff and I love learning about him. This will be my last paper and he will be my subject. Thanks for the great stuff you put together for all of us out here. A professional, down to business, what I want website. Love you guys!
Sincerely, K. Franklin

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