The Public Theater, Paula Scher

In Paula Scher’s first online class, she walks students through her process of creating a liquid identity.

The Pentagram partner also shares a behind-the-scenes look at how some of her favourite “liquid identities” came to life (including Jazz at Lincoln Center, the Type Directors Club, and Microsoft Windows).

The class lasts 70 minutes, split into 10 lessons. Enrollment opens today.

There’s also a short Q&A with Paula on the Skillshare blog where one of the questions was to name a book of influence. Joseph Heller’s 1974 book Something Happened was the answer. One to read.

Related, some choice quotes from a Paula Scher interview.


Paula continues to keep up with what’s happening in logo design and application to all media…and presents it so well to her classes!

I love how she continues to evolve as a designer and still remains consistent in her own evolution. She has influenced me as a designer and I love how she explains how identity and branding needs to be “liquid” – smooth and taking over all forms.

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