Pentagram Marks

Pentagram Marks

Published by Laurence King, Pentagram: Marks serves as a logo gallery for what is perhaps the most respected design firm in business. Logos are shown in black and white to focus on the “unique pictorial or abstract symbols,” with each given a separate page.

Pentagram Marks

Pentagram Marks

The 2wice logo, from 1997, identifies the visual and performing arts magazine that’s published twice a year.

Pentagram Marks

Above-right is the D&AD logo from 1962, for the international association that represents the creative, design and advertising industries.

Pentagram Marks

The Curious Pictures logo was designed in 1993 for a mixed media, live action, animation and computer graphics studio.

Pentagram Marks

Above-left is the Fine Line Features logo, created in 1991 for the film production company.

Pentagram Marks

The Fashion Center logo identifies the business improvement district that encourages the development of New York’s Garment District.

Pentagram Marks

The cover price is £38 (USD $54), but the book (for UK customers) can be bought on for £26.59 (USD $37.50).

For US customers, the price is $40.95 on


It looks fantastic, doesn’t it?

I just wish the australian dollar wasn’t so crappy at the moment, especially because of the limited run. I wonder how long 1,000 copies will last

Cool. But do they show the logos being used? I remember browsing through their portfolio and I didn’t “get” some of them until I see the marks in action. Lucky Fish’s and MICA’s identities were the two off the top of my head. The marks themselves were so-so, but when I saw how they were used, I was like.. WOW!.

But still, looks like a great book. Must. Buy. It.

A real limited run, only 1000? And I am with Alex, the Aus economy doesn’t work great when having to buy overseas but it is great the other way around.

38pounds is a steal for a limited edition, but as mentioned above, Amazon seem to have run out.

I would love to see a post on the best design related book’s a newbie (or experienced) designer should have on their shelves (In you’re opinion, David).


I can imagine there being a re-print, as if the initial run isn’t already sold-out, I’ll eat my hat.


The book continues just like you see in my photos. You’ll have to check the Pentagram blog / website for contextual imagery.


That’s a nice idea, thanks, and one I’ve been considering for a while now.

Cheers everyone.

I saw this on pentagram’s blog and it was appealing. Like many here though I’m on the fence. (US) still shows it as pre-release. Does anyone know when it will be released?

Thanks for sharing, David. I saw the story on New @ Pentagram last week. I love Pentagram most. :) And the book is a must for all graphic designers. But I’m still pondering if I can shell out some checks to buy it due to a gloomy economy.


The Curious Pictures logo has been a favourite of mine for some time now. Great idea.


Not sure when the US release date is, sorry.


No worries at all, bud.

I’m suprised actually as that looks quite a small book. Either that or you’ve got really big hands David.

Loving the simplicity of it, that’s what all logo showcase books should look like.

I’d love to add it to my collection but I fear I may be too late.

Pentagram are one of the only studios that can get away with a book like this (not showing the process or the logos in a real environment), as the marks themselves are a beauty.

It’s supposed to go on sale in the US and Europe someday in the beginning of March, so I’m guessing pretty soon. I’ve already pre-ordered mine and can’t wait.

Panasit Ch

This is the thing about Penatgram that bugs me: an identity should be strong enough to stand on it’s own with nothing else needed to help people ‘get it’. Using an identity across a wide range of materials and uses should enhance what is already a strong marque, not make up for it being distinctly average. I agree with a previous poster on the previous article – I’d love to know who sells to the client for Pentagram because I think they get away with some ‘not-good-enough-for-their-fee-and-reputation’ identities.

Preordered. Done. Probably the fastest I’ve bought something in a while.

The multiple book ribbons are a nice touch. Very elegant.

Thanks for this post David!

I live in the US and ordered directly from Laurence King publishing. Can anyone who has this check to see if their copy has the page with ProVen and Profile Partners logos upside down? I noticed that while browsing through my copy and wanted to know if it was a widespread issue or just my copy.

Wow, people are trying to sell these for $1000 US or £600!

Thankfully, there was one new copy left on Amazon Canada, which I just scooped up for $60.

I love that I live here. Couldn’t find a copy anywhere else.


This book looks lika a must have, but the price…. 700 dollars is way too much! Anyone knows where to get it cheaper??

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