Periodic table of branding

periodic table of branding

Here’s a novel idea from Kolbrener, a table of brand elements based upon the scientific periodic table.

Lg = Logo
A logo, or logotype, is the letters, words or phrase that identifies an entity, similar to a trade name. In advertising, the logo, also referred to as a mark or identifier, typically incorporates graphic design elements to create an evocative and memorable identifying symbol for a company, organization or brand.

Ty = Typography
The use of type fonts and styles, in addition to the logo and brand signature, to create a memorable look and feel in communications materials. Typography usually involves existing fonts, but also may use a uniquely modified or custom-made font.

Thanks Paul.

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  1. Nice! It makes me want to go back and take Chemistry Higher Level for International Baccalaureate (check out their logo!). Chemistry is hard but I enjoy it pretty much.

  2. George, Mark,

    Glad you also appreciate the table.


    Having just looked around the web for other notes on this resource, it seems it has gathered quite a few links / mentions in its time online. Yep, clever idea indeed.


    It wouldn’t quite make me want to re-take chemistry lessons (I always favoured physics), but it’s great this prompts that response from you. I hope your studies are continuing well.

  3. For me going over this table (brilliant, creative, wish I had thought of it too) illustrates how advertising/marketing/graphic design has changed over the years. Corporate identity and logo bug don’t appear on the chart. I always hear about the new verbiage coming up, but I never know when the old verbiage is no longer in use. Commercial art and stat camera are definitely out. What about above the line and below the line advertising? Illustration, font generation and photography? Those are probably considered part of something else. #44 is called Variable Marketing now. Keeping this table updated will probably be a nightmare. Photo/Image approved libraries, design grid systems, approved color palette, partnership/sponsorship advertising… I could go on and on and on.


  4. :O I can’t believe this. I had this idea about a week ago then I see this here. I still might do the version I had in mind, but this has really shocked me. I thought I was being amazingly original too lol. Crap!

    Great job btw ;)

  5. I’m going to say something really dorky now, but I can’t stop myself.

    Did you know that my sister in laws great grandfather was the inventor of the periodic table? She’s Russian.

    !! Haha!!

    Also I used to live round the corner from the nephew of the guy that used to have that puppet called Spit The Dog that was really famous like.

    Ok, I’ll stop now… ;)

  6. Trish,

    Definitely one of those, ‘wish I thought of that’ ideas. You have a keen eye picking up on out-of-date terminology.


    I’m taking that with a pinch of salt, but why not go for your own version anyway? Good luck with it.


    Nice info. Not dorky at all. I’m not familiar with Spit The Dog, sadly, but my dad’s great uncle is related to Benny Andersson of Abba.

  7. Great idea for their own promotion. However I’m not sure I agree with their organization. Logos and Typography are under Misc?! Come on. Visuals are such an important part of branding they should have their own category. Other than that though, pretty sweet.

  8. This is great! The link is no longer active to get a closer look at it… does anyone know where I can find it still? Would actually love to give to my sales staff so they can read up on the branding terminology.

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