Theatrical ad agency Serino Coyne designed the logo and hired John W. Long to craft it out of old weathered wood. John was given the direction that it was for a Peter Pan story with a funky kind of twist. He took his own artistic liberties then shipped the result to New York for photographing.

Peter and the Starcatcher

This video of John at work particularly caught my eye (below and here).

The New York Times ran an interview with John.

“Q/ So how does a woodwork artist in Vermont get work on a Broadway show?

“A/ A few of the artists at Serino Coyne got together to come up with an image for “Peter and the Starcatcher.” But they wanted more texture, something like weathered wood. So they Googled something along the lines of “old weathered wood” and they found me. They got onto my Web site and saw my work, which is strictly weathered wood. They gave me a call and asked me if I’d do it.”

Lovely work.

Official show website: Peter and the Starcatcher.


This is wonderful.

When did the color get added to the wood? And was it done in Photoshop? Or actually stained/painted onto the original?

His work is beautiful. I checked out his website too… beautiful stuff.
Also, this video is amazing! It looks like it was shot for PBS.

I think this is amazing. It really does make me think of Peter Pan before he was Peter Pan…

Great video.

I love this. Very inspiring and makes me want to get proper hands on.

Sometimes we rely to much on computers to produce the final design. Well, at least I do. It’s good to step away once in a while and try something a bit more hands on. That’s what I took away from that video.

Great post David, thanks for sharing.

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