I like this idea by Elmwood for Pipeology, a Doncaster-based plumber.

Pipeology logo

“What services and skills come to mind when you think of a plumber? It turns out perceptions of the occupation are vague and varying – often stereotyped into a few specific tasks. For plumber (and friend of Elmwood) Paul, this was a problem. People didn’t appreciate the breadth of knowledge and services he had to offer.

“The modern home has a network of interconnecting gas, water and heating systems. It’s Paul’s job to master this network – installing, maintaining and improving on it. He even implements complex renewable technologies, such as solar cells.

“These skills lean more on science and engineering than traditional plumbing – it’s no longer just about fixing burst bathroom pipes (although he still does that too).”

Quoted from I don’t just fix the bathroom.

Pipeology logo

There’s scope for similar pipe-work illustrations, too. It won bronze in The Drum’s Roses Creative Awards.

Related, from the archives, is this logo for Ian the Plumber.

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  1. I love the idea. It is a cleaver way of saying that plumbing is not everyone’s job,considering how many people take home renovation into their own hands, the word “know-how” also emphasis on that idea.

  2. For some reason plumbing seems to be such a rich field for logo design, some of my favourite logos belong to plumbers. Thanks for including the link to the Ian logo as well, such a simple and elegant solution.

    The only thing I would have liked to have seen is maybe some more interesting title versions than Helvetica, maybe Pipeology written with a pipe, but that might have been pipe overkill!

    Here’s another plumbing gem you’ve probably already seen;


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