The Prostate Cancer Charity has become Prostate Cancer UK.

Prostate Cancer UK identity

“We have chosen our new identity to help us raise our voice, raise our game and reach more men. Urgently. Prostate cancer is predicted to become the most common cancer by 2030. Yet many men are unaware of the disease and research is still badly underfunded. We believe men deserve better. With our bold new identity and approach we will fight for this.”

“Our new logo comprises our name and our corporate icon: ‘the man of men’. This is a strong figure of a man made up of many familiar symbols used to represent men. It represents our aim to reach and represent all men. It’s symbolic of the ‘movement’ we need to create to really bring people together to make a difference to the men confronting this disease.”

Quoted from the charity’s “new identity” page.

Also on that page are the answers to these all important non-profit design questions:

“How can we justify such a cost?”

“For a complete brand review this is a very modest spend and we expect to have a significant impact for men with prostate cancer as a result. We see this as a responsible investment to help take our organisation to the next level, to support many thousands more men and their families and to raise much more money for ground breaking research.”

“What return on investment will we see?”

“We expect to see a significant return from our investment in terms of our impact on men. Our new identity will help us to reach more men and speak more urgently. By raising our voice we will raise the profile of prostate cancer much higher and encourage more people to donate.”

Prostate Cancer UK logo

Watch how the identity is put to use in this Annual Review 2011/12.

Designed by Hat-trick, for Prostate Cancer UK.

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November 26, 2012


Great idea, but lame design concept. I’ve seen this many times by now, logos created from illustrations. Unilever started it, a couple of zoos and non profits followed… meh

I think the “manifesto” is very clever! Hope this new identity helps to reach more men. Movember does a great job in uniting men and building awareness about prostate cancer (not sure if you have it over there).

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