Mother and Child logo design
Mother & Child
Designed by: Herb Lubalin
Voted by: Alex Charchar, of retinart

“The beauty of the ampersand that feels so delicate as it nurtures the ‘child’ just breaks my heart. Is it the best logo in the world? No. But I can’t think of any logos that hit me so hard the first time I saw it and continues to make me smile.”

United Colors of Benetton logo design
United Colors of Benetton
Designed by: Vignelli Associates (thanks, Michele)
Voted by: iParasite

“…so simple and minimalist, and i love the combination of green and white. in my opinion it also supports the idea of Benetton (minimalism, elegance and a few colors)…”

CNN logo design
Designed by: do you know?
Voted by: Frank, of D2L Graphics

“Clean, classic and very versatile.”

Apple logo design
Designed by: Rob Janoff
Voted by: Ryan Gonzalez, of IONIZED MEDIA

“It’s simple, is recognizable everywhere and has adapted to change.”

Bahamas logo design
The Islands of the Bahamas
Designed by: Joe Duffy
Voted by: Jenni McKay, of Perceptivity Studio

“…bright, colorful and evocative of the location it represents.”

Fashion Center logo design
The Fashion Center
Designed by: Pentagram
Voted by: Yuri Akulin, of Logo Diver

“I always loved the witty and clear message of this simple mark.”

Beijing Olympics logo design
Beijing Olympics
Designed by: do you know?
Voted by: Sean Farrell, of Penflare Designs

“…very impressed with the Beijing Logo, typeface and overall layout.”

Nike logo design
Designed by: Carolyn Davidson
Voted by: Brian Yerkes

“$35 logo…in 1972…it’s got to be the Nike Swoosh!”

Fedex logo design
Designed by: Lindon Leader while at Landor
Voted by: Elizabeth Bradburn

“It was the first logo I really studied. I was fascinated by the fact that the arrow was hidden in between the E and X – how on earth did the designer ever figure that out? I wondered.”

Amazon logo design
Designed by: Anthony Biles while at Turner Duckworth (thanks, James)
Voted by: Andrew Kelsall

“It looks nothing spectacular in itself, but contains 2 subliminal elements: One, the Amazon smile, promoting customer satisfaction & promise, and two, the smile/arrow, literally pointing from A-to-Z.


Cingular Wireless logo design
Cingular Wireless
Designed by: do you know?
Voted by: Trish, of Contemporary Native

“I always loved the Cingular Wireless logo. When it was launched I was sold on its modern look, sense of fun and youth, and its fresh color usage in a field of black and red sameness. I felt there should have been a funeral held for the brand when at&t took over the company. Although, I thought the transfer was done decently. Adding the Cingular orange to at&t’s color palette helped at&t’s brand in my opinion.”

Fender logo design
Designed by: do you know?
Voted by: Timo

“It represents rock, as well as music in general. Although it is well over 60 years old, people from all ages and regions identify with it because it represents what we all have in common: the language of music.

“Ask most musicians or regular Joes/Janes and they can tell you that Fender has been a part of them, in some way or another. For the legends it is a symbol of their achievements. For the aspiring player, it is an inspiration for excellence. Like all classics, this one will continue to go strong and will never get old.”

New Man logo design
New Man
Designed by: Raymond Loewy
Voted by: Mattus

“It is distinctive, authentic and based on a very smart graphic idea.”

Oakley logo design
Designed by: do you know?
Voted by: Dan, of SKYBEND

“…incredibly simple and instantly recognizable and that is a powerful combination.”

Deutsche Bank logo design
Deutsche Bank
Designed by: Anton Stankowski
Voted by: Diogo

“…it’s strong, it’s beautiful and it has a clever geometrical construction.”

swisscom logo design
Designed by: Moving Brands
Voted by: Simon, of Condomunity

“The new Swisscom (Swiss telecom) is getting bashed from all sides, but I can’t stop looking at it really. I know it looks like a strange apple / pear mutant but… I think it’s well done.”

Families logo design
Designed by: Herb Lubalin
Voted by: Chaitanya, of BrandPirate

“It shows everything it needs to show in a very simple and excellent way.”

Cotton logo design
Cotton Inc.
Designed by: do you know?
Voted by: Kevin Burr, of Ocular Ink

“One of my current top picks.”

Coca Cola logo design
Coca Cola
Designed by: Frank Mason Robinson (thanks, Tjeerd)
Voted by: Lauren, of Creative Curio

“I’ve always like the curves in the Coca Cola logo; even though it is so ubiquitous these days I don’t get tired of seeing it.”

Gall & Gall logo design
Gall & Gall
Designed by: Millford Brand-id
Voted by: Tjeerd Van Sas, of Syrion

“Although I’m not fond of alcohol, I must say I love the new logo for the dutch Gall & Gall chain of liquor stores. First of all, the wine-bottle shape in the negative space of the G. Secondly, I think it appeals to the customers they’re trying to reach with the new format (younger (30+ instead of 40+) and female customers). It somehow reminds me of those lounge-café’s and lounge-discotheques which have been popping up over the last decade.”

Shell logo design
Logo designer: Raymond Loewy
Voted by: Al Woods, of DubMissile

“Always been a huge fan of petroleum company logos (Esso, Texaco, Shell, Mobil…etc) for their simplicity rather than deep clever meanings, pure aesthetics.”

Google logo design
Designed by: Ruth Kedar (thanks, diogo)
Voted by: Jayson, of AzAkers

“…despite employing nearly every horrible technique and design mistake in the book (notably absent are a swoosh and lens flare) the logo is still one of the most recognizable and embraced brands in the world.”

Hong Kong logo design
Hong Kong
Logo designer: Kan Tai Keung
Voted by: Jasmine

“It’s actually got the HK in it. But moreover the other aspects of the logo make up the chinese words for Hong Kong.”

Yellow Pages logo design
Yellow Pages
Designed by: do you know?
Voted by: Trish, of Contemporary Native

“The walking hand has been adjusted, tweaked, and updated a lot over the years, but the original still stands as the best.”

Astra Zeneca logo design
Astra Zeneca
Designed by: Interbrand Newell and Sorrell (thanks, Danny)
Voted by: Nathan

“In the end, it may not last through the years but it works for now. It may be better to flatten it out.”

Carrefour logo design
Designed by: do you know?
Voted by: Philippe Boyrivent

“…the first logo to impress me when I was a kid is the one of a company I hate now. Why this one? Because of the C in it. I’m still surprised when I see someone who never sees the C in the logo. I like this logo just for this reason. It’s not a good one, but…”

CBS logo design
Designed by: William Golden
Voted by: Pat Taylor

“The CBS eye. It says it all visually!”

BP logo design
Designed by: Landor
Voted by: Todd Bertsch, of Design Dump

“It’s very clean, simple, energetic, symmetrical, fresh and was WAY ahead of it’s time. Especially with the “everything is green” effort that is being crammed down our throats. Oh, and the colors are beautiful and harmonious as well. I actually don’t like bp gas, but I love the logo every time I see it. I never get sick of it.”

Thanks very much to everyone who voted.


October 28, 2008


I’m actually very surprised at the number of comments along the lines of “I love the logo, but have nothing to do/don’t like the company.”

Nice collection of logos. The BP and the FedEx logos are so classic, but can’t forget my personal favourite – Apple.

Great to see Fender get a mention in this list. Marshall is another ‘logo’ that goes hand in hand with Fender – just ask any guitarist ;)

I have to say that the BP logo is my favorite. It uses my favorite color, green, and, as the commenter said, it’s very “fresh.”

@Pat: It is interesting that people say that, considering most still buy the products that support the companies, anyhow!

After I got over the eye in the CBS logo, I started wondering if it wasn’t a baseball inside a football inside a basketball.

Certainly an idea for them to play with at CBS sports.

Hey David, this ended up being a great article with some fantastic logos.. The Fashion Center was one that I had completely forgotten about yet adore.. i would go on and on about which are the best, but they’re all so good!

Again, great article and idea :)

As I mentioned on the earlier post even though I am a PC fan I would have to say the Apple Logo however I am a big fan of the New Man logo, I hadn’t seen that before.

there are definitely some great logos here, along side some that i was quite surprised to see.

i thought the beijing olympics logo was pretty poor, but perhaps that’s just because i am always looking at otl aicher’s 1972 munich olympic materials and that’s pretty hard to compete with.

Great collection here. The FedEx subliminal arrow is a big hit with me and has been for quite awhile.I also dig the apple and bp logos.

On a side note…. eek Jacob is a PC fan! :P

I actually typeset that Benneton logo while I was interning at VA. It was actually pretty cool to sit down with Massimo and go over a thing as simple as letterspacing.

Cool stuff!

I remember seeing the Fashion Center logo for the first time. It REALLY blew my mind. I must say I’m surprised Cisco Systems was not there, I’ve always loved it. I’ve always admired Lubalinb’s work and I’m glad to see other have as well.

And I think the bp logo was done by Landor (Jeanette Hodge), as was the FedEx one.

It was fun to look at everyone’s favorites! I <3 Herb Lublin and his logos. Ok, mostly his logos since I don’t know the guy.

I have not seen The Fashion Center logo before. Brilliant! Love it!

This post is definitely Stumbled and bookmarked for future inspiration on great logo design (sometimes Logo Pond just doesn’t cut it, ya know? ;) )

The hong kong logo was created by Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, which pretty well means an hired unknown designer with a brilliant mind.

Phew, what a busy day that was. That’s me shutting down for the evening, but before leaving, I wanted to say a quick thanks to everyone for commenting. Some excellent additions and pieces of info I enjoyed reading.

I’ll check back again tomorrow, after an evening of relaxation, and a good night’s sleep.

I hope you’re all having a great day.


If Turner Duckworth designed the Amazon logo, I cannot find it on their site. That said, their site is very slugish and poorly designed, although they DO have some outstanding work I admit.

@ David Airey – BTW, thanks for the link


wow. i am extremely jealous of your interning at VA. masssimo seems like he’d be a great guy to learn from.

i was pretty shocked that there were no submissions from chermeyeff and geismar. some of the cleanest and most icon logos have come from them. WGBH, NBC, Mobil Oil, etc… so much great work.

I second 313Pixels! I love this logo so much – it really creates a world and feeling tone of its own, as I’ve heard another reader here say. And the usage all over the official site is mindblowing, and so, so beautiful. I’ve collected a few of my favorites here until i had a moment to add to my permanent blog, but now it will have to wait till i’m done doorknocking!

Odd. Fallon ( has a book out called “Juicing the Orange” where they claim that they created the Islands of the Bahamas logo.

Some credit info:

The Bahamas logo could be attributed both to Fallon and Duffy Design, as Fallon used to own Duffy. The designer was almost certainly NOT Joe Duffy.

BP was Landor’s San Francisco office, same as FedEx. I know Lindon takes personal credit for the logo, but I know the person on the team at the time who actually came up with the arrow idea, so it’s probably best just to credit Landor. In agencies like that, there are many on the team and solo ownership of something is rare.

Fashion Center was designed by Michael Bierut/Pentagram.

I thought the Yellow Pages logo was Saul Bass, but not entirely sure.

Cingular was designed by VSA Partners in Chicago.

Hong Kong was by Landor. Something tells me I’ve seen the Cotton mark in some old Landor presentations when I was there, but I can’t find it on their site.


That would’ve been great to sit down with Massimo Vignelli. Great internship!


Yep, I know what you mean. From time to time there are a few greats on LogoPond, but a lot of fluff too, which is completely understandable when it’s free to register and upload your work.


Timeless indeed. Reminds me of the Mitsubishi logo, designed in 1870. Fantastic.

Jon, and everyone else who kindly took time to offer credits, thank you! I’ll update each entry as soon as I get a spare moment — conference call to Scandinavia coming up. Luckily my Irish accent isn’t as broad as some around these parts.


I think there was no need for the change. Sure, a circle ties in with their products, but for me, it’s an unecessary addition to an already recognisable design. What about you?


Thanks very much for the blogroll addition. I appreciate it.

I totally agree with the top logo, Mother & Child. It is a very clever logo, as I have mentioned in my other posts in this forum. The other logos mentioned are also logos that has made a difference in modern identity design and branding. With that said, though, I am surprised that logos such as FedEx, The Fashion Center and Shell is not closer to the top of this list. But then again, this is just a personal preference.

Thanks for this article.


Looks that way, Anna, with even their website favicon changing to black.


You’re very welcome. To clarify, the logos are shown in order of submission, nothing more.

I really like clever logos, and therefore I think that Mother and Child is great, as is The Fashion Centre.

Mother and Child is not only really clever it looks good also – the Fashion Centre is clever but I feel it’s overall appearance at a glance seems a bit old fashioned for the fashion industry so am not so such it’s that good a design …. it could look good ‘in use’ however in the right environment.

Fed Ex is of course very clever but I’m suffering from over exposure to that one as I’m sure we all are.

I can also appreciate Gall and Gall and the Families logo.

i like simple logo design. “Families” is clever and simple… new man is good too… but oakley or BP is not enough good for this list…
but – thanks for this post… its good inspiration

Hi Amanda,

It’s hard to win with the FedEx logo, because you’re right, so many showcases feature it, but if you leave it out, people will say, “What about FedEx?”


Thanks for the info! I’ve been wondering about that for some time now, and will update the post.

A logo that is certainly well up in my top 30 is the Woolmark logo:

It’s a wonderful symbol that’s stood the test of time – I think it was created in the 1960’s. It says wool at a glance, feels ‘warm’, works excellently in black and white – reversed or not, and is readable at just about any size – and you can run it any one of three ways up :)

Frustratingly I can’t remember who designed this – can anyone enlighten me?

Also, Han Meilin was the leader of the Beijing 2008 logo design, but he had other people working with him. I don’t know what his group is called.

Great post, I hate the google logo-but I think it works for its intended use.

Also I think the V&A logo should be here

The two Herb Lubalin examples (Mother&Child and Families) are classics. Both were done many years ago. Yet notice how they still stand up, looking contemporary beside wordmarks done in the digital age.

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