Reader photos #2

Following the first batch, here are a few more special snapshots.

David Macfarlane

David Macfarlane of Glasgow-based Macfarlane Creative (above, and here on Twitter). Love it, David.

Mariusz Ciesla

Mariusz Cieśla, designer & UI developer (on Twitter).

Maciej Wroblewski

Maciej Wróblewski — he’s read it twice you know.

Kris Askey

UK-based Kris Askey.

Sam Halpin

Sam Halpin is another UK-based reader. Thanks, Sam.

Tin Duong

Appropriately, Tin Duong lives in Loveland, Colorado. Tin’s on Twitter here.

Thanks very much, everyone. Brilliant.

Full-size photos in the Facebook album.

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