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The Recycling symbols quiz

Via GoodPeople.

recycle symbol Gary AndersonGary Anderson (right) and his 1970 design for the classic recycle symbol.

Who designed the recycling symbol? on The Logo Factor
Look before you bin it, on Logo Design Love
Recycling symbol, on Wikipedia
Taiwan’s recycle symbol, designer unknown


Ooh, another hit! Nearly everyone gets the green point symbol wrong. I think it should be done away with. It’s misleading and means virtually nothing in the UK.

@CR, I disagree. Many of the very same symbols in the test are used in North America, you just need to look harder at the packaging to find them. But regardless of that, I think you’re missing the point, there’s a deeper significance to the test…It’s not so much about where these symbols are employed, rather about how effectively the symbol translates across boarders. I enjoyed the one’s I hadn’t seen before, as it allowed me to see if the mark was effectively doing its job without having any preconceived notion of what it was.

^^ A BBC quiz, Eurocentric?

I got 8, but I’ve looked up the green dot before, wondering whether it actually meant ‘recyclable’.

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