Respublica University idea

“The idea was to use a tiger as the key symbol, but in the style of a university emblem.”

Respublica University logo

“There are many departments in the store; each of them is presented by the emotions of the tiger.”

Respublica University symbols

“Additional icons are directly associated with specific departments.”

Respublica University icons

Denis created accompanying patterns using the bookstore’s corporate colour.

Respublica University patterns

“Each department has its own small emblem. The one with scissors for the office, one covered by drawings for the children’s section, etc.”

Respublica University emblems

“Each department-related tiger can be shown holding a relevant icon — the skull for classic literature, the plunger for gadgets, and so on.”

Respublica University tigers

The department emblems can be further enhanced with the addition of a heraldic shield incorporating the brand patterns.

Respublica University tigers

Respublica University tigers

A larger emblem was created that included icons from all departments, in order “to reflect the general values of the store.”

Respublica University emblem

The project was topped off with a simplified logo for use at small sizes.

Respublica University logo

Denis Bashev is currently working as creative director at Sila Sveta. View a few more of his identity projects on Behance.

Tip of the hat to Christian Lindig.


This is so well executed. I really love that everything has so much character – fun, yet maintains a professional & established feel. Clearly a labour of love. Thanks for sharing!

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