Rio 2016 logo sketch

Rio 2016 logo

Designed by Brazil’s Tatil.

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Other posts show the 2016 Paralympic Games logo and the 2016 typography by Dalton Maag.


I think it works really well.

Not only does it communicate ‘Rio’ but it also has a worldly and environmental feel to it with what seems like earth, sea and sun colour use.
It’s flowing and celebratory. Thumbs up from me.

I truly feel sorry for anyone working on a logo that will be visible to billions of people because there will always be a handfull of people that will rip it apart. I think this is a very interesting work that represents Rio nicely.

There’s a coincidence with the Rio 2016 with Telluride Foundation, but as this site shows coincidences are normal. Although the symbol of Rio 2016 is not a 2D drawing but it’s a 3D one. That’s the idea of sculpture and tactil logo remembers the Olympic idealism and Rio’s nature (Sugar Loaf, beaches, mountains, people, fraternity that cariocas – Rio’s native – are).

i like it a lot. it has connect to RIO, its place. the logo is not mechanised. it has human touch to it, free flowing. the vibrant colours. love it:)

Rio 2016 logo is a good logo, but good is the greatest enemy of great. I love the logotype Rio 2016, but the logogram itself is safe, boring, and uninspiring. It doesn’t make me want to visit Rio De Janeiro like Wolf Ollins’ 2012 logo dragged my ass back to London. I hope they replace this with a more interesting option.

As the comments of Mr. Athayde I agree with him. A sport that people play with foot and head can´t has a logo with three hands! Why? A hand represents the troophy that desapperead in II World War in 1944 in a italian house, the second hands represent when the cup desappeared in 1966 in England’s Cup and the last hand represents the robbery in 1983 when the troophy are dissolved, maybe the red color can represent it.

At first look I like it…is that a bad thing?

Reason I’m saying that is that at first look I hated the London logo. But over time, now that it’s been used extensively and has become a recognisable brand I’ve grown to really like what London have done. It’s more than just comfortable familiarity too, I can appreciate the way in which the visual integrity of the logo has proved extremely robust.

I’ll be interested to see how this gets used over the next few years, especially in single colours where the shape becomes a little non-descript.

Having lived in Brazil, I must say it’s nice to see a mark that has some of the character of the place itself. In contrast to some Olympic event logos in years past, this doesn’t seem isn’t too homogenized, too expected or too deliberately contemporary. Must have been a pretty grueling process given the breadth of the audience. I like this a lot!

Just an offtrack question: Can anybody educate me on how 3D vector logos are created??…

I mean what is the software used apart from Adobe Illustrator / Coreldraw to create 3D Vector logos (Example: Logos of Mazda, Mercedes Benz, etc.)?.. though I know the latest illustrator versions have a 3D effect option – which is really hard to use.



Mr Sahadev,

as I know the vector 2D softwares fave a tool to develop 3D Logo, but you can create one using vetorial software (CorelDRAW, Illustrator, Freehand as well) and export to 3DStudio, Maya, Lightwave or “Blender” (a open source one). But before using computer I develop as sculpture and afterwards convert the model as a drawing. I hope to help you something.

I’m neutral on this. Contrasting Inverse/Obverse lines are too overdone and in 2016 they’ll be all but forgotten. The practice got trendy in 2008 with all kinds of mobius strip riffs. Plus, the shape looks like a butt plug.

It would have been cool if the logo actually said “RIO” in negative space. I know it’s implied but it’s hard to make out any actual letters without first knowing what it represents.

I don’t hate it, but at the same time it’s not something special because in monochrome settings it’s utterly unremarkable and incoherent.

For reference, I’d like to point out an Olympics logo that stands the test of time: 1980 Moscow. It’s simply wonderful:

What everyone has missed is the biggest story surrounding the 2016 logo. The Telluride Foundation’s logo may be very similar, but in fact it itself is a rip off of another logo…one that dates back to 2004. Amazingly, that logo was for a carnival in…you guessed it…Brasil

Read my Blog [link removed due to use of URL shortener]

I have inspected every single logo for every single Olympic Games and in my modest opinion I believe Rio’s is the best. The only one that gets close in such a simple way is Sydney’s, with Barcelona’s being beautifully simple but not as deep in meaning.

Here are the meanings of Rio’s logo so far …

1- Three letters forming the word RiO
2- Three dancers in confraternity (friendship, union)
3- Sugar Loaf profile (city’s landmark)
4- Morro Dois Irmãos profile -> according to the creators / by turning the logo around (city’s landmark) – brotherhood
5- The movement of Copacabana’s sidewalk
6- The Apotheosis Arch at the Sambodrome (Carnaval’s landmark to be used for the marathon’s arrival) – climax
7- The top of a beer can (party/celebration)
8- A pacifier (beginning, first Games in S.America/peace)
9- A penis (humor/inventiveness/imagination/sensuality/sexuality… all traces of the Carioca spirit)
10- A heart (love/passion)

Besides, it is the first 3-D logo ever and could become an awesome sculpture. Not to mention the visual effects it will generate by spinning in its center.

All these meanings and power in such a simple art.

My reaction is…………… WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mister Florida forgott the meaning of the collors. Beyonde the collors of olimpic flag green represents the forest (of Tijuca in Rio), blue the sea, yellow the sand, red the heart of “cariocas” to the people and other collors show an aquarelle of all meanings (include the inappropriates, as well).

I really enjoyed seeing the evolution of where this logo came from. The sketches are so fresh and the energy of the line quality isn’t lost in the final logo, which is unusual. The colors are fantastic as well and pair flawlessly with the concept of the dancing figures. It mimics the circles in the olympics logo which make it also make a lot of sense along with its beauty.

Here you can check all the olympic logos:
Just scroll down until “47 PAST OLYMPIC GAMES” frame.

My favourite is Barcelona 92. The way it comunicates art and sport is sublime. So simple and organic. And it really catches the spirit of Barcelona 92 games. Try to watch all the logos without the olympic circles, city name and year.

But as brand identity and comunicaiton design Mexico 68 and Munich 72 are the best ones. They clearly split the olympic games history in two sides, and set up a new step on modern design (especially thanks to Otl Aicher, a genius).

By the way, why do winter games have such bad logos?

And for 2012, I just hope history will put in place such a horrible logo. What does it comunicate? How to read it?

By the way, I like Rio 2016 logo. Let’s wait to see it in action.

I think its really great that designers are featuring the logo and discussing it. However I see a lot of people expecting too much from a logo, expecting it to bring to mind every aspect of this massive event. Well designed logos are great, but expecting design to represent everything within a small simplified graphic is a little much, given that this logo changes every 4 years. So many designers bring up non-issues to criticise these logos.
To me its harmonious, rhythmic, festive, celebrates diversity (this time’s theme) and represents Rio. I think they nailed it.

A much better logo than the London Olympics logo. I honestly the London Olympics logo was creepy and when I first saw it I was in shock at how much I disliked it. To me the London logo felt like “chaos” in my mind. I think this logo represents Rio well. Its clean, refreshing and beautiful. A much needed upgrade. Well done!

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