Rio 2016 typography by Dalton Maag

Dalton Maag shared this short video showing the studio’s excellent typographical work for Rio 2016.

“It took eight months to create the 5448 characters that carry the brand essence of the Rio 2016 Games.”

Quoted from the Rio 2016 website.

Rio 2016 typography

Rio 2016 typography

Rio 2016 typography

There’s a nice interview where FontFeed talks to type designer Fabio Haag from the Brazilian Dalton Maag office.

“Around 2005 I had my own graphic design studio which paid the bills, but my heart was set on doing type at nights and weekends. I started ByType in the hope to create a business. I kept in touch with Bruno who was kind enough to offer honest feedback on my type developments. Soon I started reselling Dalton Maag’s fonts in Brazil, approaching studios preaching about type and doing talks. In early 2008 Bruno invited me to join his design team, but insisted I should stay in Brazil as he was convinced this was fertile ground for a self-sustaining business.

“We were only 3 designers back then and have now grown to a full team of more than 40 people spread around London, Brazil, Austria, USA and most recently Hong Kong. There’s no magic as to how we got so big: it’s a mix of passion for quality type, business vision and hard work.”

Rio 2016 typography

Rio 2016 typography

Rio 2016 typographyProducing ligatures for the Rio 2016 typeface

Rio 2016 typography

Rio 2016 typography

Rio 2016 typography‘M’, and the Copacabana pavement

Rio 2016 typography‘R’ and Rock of Gávea

I’m sure this’ll look beautiful throughout the Games. Stellar work.

View more custom typography on the Dalton Maag website.

Rio 2016 Olympic Games logo
Rio 2016 Paralympic Games logo

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  1. I really like how they took elements from Rio by actually using shapes and etc from the world around them. I’m really interested to see how the signage is going to turn out and various other things.

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