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  1. Congratulations to you, Man from Indiana. You are one of the many examples why the Republicans lost the election (thank goodness!).

  2. Brands shouldn’t be paying people to disfigure themselves in this way. But political brands should know better. Utter stupidity.

    Are you sure this isn’t a joke or spoof David?

  3. That’s still a net profit of $14,000 after removal, not a bad plan! I’ll go into my local apple store and get back to you on the results

  4. Actually this dude is really cool (kinda objective lol). Truth be told I got paid for the removal process as well but only had to 1 treatment to fulfil my contract so I did the one and kept my super tat. :) I love it and it’s there for life. Well to be honest I’m crossing my fingers on a Rubio nomination so I can use the Romney “R” and follow it with “UBIO” down my cheek*** at the end of day after the payment for the ink, removal, tv and radio appearances I managed to garner a net gain of roughly 34K. Yeah its “dumb” or “silly” to most everyone and 34K isn’t really a lot of money to all the must be SUPER rich peeps that say awful stuff but the 15K was really a gift cuz I woulda and was goin to do it anyway for free and pay for the ink. I was open in all the little interviews that I just wanted my 15 mins of fame and boy howdy I got it. I enjoyed seein my mug on Letterman, Kimmel, Conan, Anderson Cooper, CNN, Live w/Kelly, America’s worst tattoos (2 episodes) and a pilot for hosting a new tat2 show in the works.

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