“We’ve been working with Austria’s largest telco company for the past year on a major relaunch of their brand. The result of a merger between the incumbent fixed line and mobile phone companies, the new brand focusses on convergent technologies. Saffron was most interested in the benefits that these technologies bring to customers. That’s why we created a visual identity that reflects the life of A1′s customers – vibrant and ever changing.”

Quoted from the Saffron blog.

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June 15, 2011


Like you David, I would really like to know about creating videos like this. I can see that they would have a great deal of utility in expressing concepts to people within an organization as well as a wider market.

I can see how a guy might adapt tools to get partway here (Keynote, Flash etc.), but apart from that, and a notional idea about how to outline the story and sketch out a storyboard, I’m lost.

I do hope others have some info on getting started doing things like this.

the branding is nice , the logo itself is horrible…the extreme difference between the 3d , detailed “A” and the flat black 2d “1”….i mean…is it just me ?

i wonder how much of the year they spent on the project was spent on the logo…

I agree with M.C. on the horrible part but also the branding for me does not pop out either.
So what is left?
Borrowing fame from a known branding company?
Spend lots of money on tv ads? Of course A1 is already known, this rebranding is just another spoon of sugar in a cold coffee – it won’t warm the coffee.

A1 is it? Great, now I’ve got a hankerin’ for a nice juicy steak smothered in delicious… A1 Sauce!

I’m guessing the folks at Saffron either didn’t think that similarity would be an issue, or weren’t aware of A1 steak sauce? I’m not really sure how popular A1 steak sauce is internationally, or more specifically in Austria, but if it’s there at all I’d have pressed for a different name.

As I look at their old name Alles and it’s fairly distinct typeface, I’d have preferred to simply delete the “les” and voila you’ve got your new logo. I’m just left feeling as though the whole rebranding effort could have been a lot better had the logo been more distinct and refined. Though I do like the animation style and execution a great deal.

@ Seth

I’m from Austira. Never heard “A1 Sauce” – think it isn’t available over here. The brand A1 exists for years and is one of few providers in Austria – so why should the change their name, just because of a sauce? haha

And “Alles” means everything.. it wasn’t their old name. They just talk about that A1 is going to provide everything, not just mobilephones but TV, internet, etc..


it was called A1 before the rebranding (Austria’s 1st carrier or Austria’s number 1), the sauce is not known/available in Austria, as far as I know

“Alles” translates to “Everything” meaning they offer everything (internet, mobile phones, …) so it’s not part of the name, just a slogan (Simply everything – Simply A1)
I wondered about that too, the lowercase L already looked like the number “1”, why didn’t they just get rid of “les”

and what about the superscript 1? What’s the meaning? When it’s mentioned in a text, you automatically assume that there’s additional information at the bottom of the page

Although the video is nice, the logo itself is embarrassing, this could be from a beginner’s (chrome) text effect photoshop tutorial

on a side-note: doesn’t the girl (with the laptop) have a weird waist?!

Here’s what I see about how this video is made:

The “ALLES” animation at the beginning is done in Cinema4D (or similar).
Then, when it goes smaller and the icons appear, that’s all After Effects.

Then the A1 logos are also modelled in C4d and rendered still.
The landscapes are probably also modelled and animated in C4d, and rendered separately using Sketch&Toon, which gives the flat white look and the outlines. Then the logos and the landscapes are composed in AE.

And the last part, with the website and the videos inside the logos is also probably composed in AE.

Hope to be of help.

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