Second edition?

Thanks to you, the Logo Design Love book has sold 32,949 copies in 10 languages, and I’m chatting to my publisher about a potential second edition for summer 2014.

Logo Design Love

Judging by feedback from reviews, a new edition should go into more depth about process and put more focus on brand identity systems. The design and layout should also change, decreasing the top margin and type size, and giving more consideration to digital readers.

What changes or additions would you like to see?

Update: 30 August 2014
Out now!

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  1. Like you wrote, giving more space for brand identity in-depth would be much appreciated, moreover, the modern re-branding is almost behind us, no more often we see the minimalistic kind of design process so it would be great to hear more about logo and symbol production in these and coming days. For sure don’t even think about abandoning the ‘experience and your personal advice’ part for us! ;)

  2. Live case studies where you follow and document the process of a brand identity being created, as it’s being created, rather than the identity being explained after everything is finished.

  3. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve taken quotes from LDL to explain my process to clients. I had never before seen client communication as an important part of the process and now I think it is often the most important.

    Cheers David!

    I’ll be on the pre-order list for multiple copies of the new one when ready. Congrats!

  4. Cheers Damian, and I’ve been taught a fair bit over the past few years so I can add to that section and include advice from others.

    Thanks very much, Yaco, Kurt.

    Josh, I’d definitely aim to feature more “start to finish” studies, but they’d be explained after completion so I’d know they’re a good fit for the book.

    That’s great to read, Bob. And thanks, Walter. I appreciate that.

  5. Well done David! Was very proud to be a contributor and my students appreciated the process sketches and thought-rationale behind the development of many projects. I’d encourage more additional material for that as well as paths not taken for various reasons (it happens…good intentions and ideas get killed to no fault of the designer nor the client).

  6. Congratulations, David. The book is already awesome and I certainly learned a lot from reading it, a worthy investment for any designer. I’m sure that the second edition will be great. For me, information about winning work and billing are priceless, so maybe expand upon those areas. Secondly, workflow. We all have different ones but it’s great to hear how others work.

  7. David, “Logo Design Love” has a beloved place in my growing collection of design books. To be honest, though, I’m not sure I would purchase a second edition, even if expanded, because second editions are basically copies of the first.

    HOWEVER, I would DEFINITELY purchase an entirely new book!

    As most of us, I’m fascinated by other artists’ creative processes. The most engrossing chapter for me in LDL was, “From pencil to PDF,” so a book version– Logo Design Love: From Pencil to PDF”?–that included a variety of examples of your and others’ logo designs from concept to finish (and as another commenter suggested, examples of rejected efforts) would be much welcomed.

    All the best!

  8. The book has been on my amazon wish list forever, sorry. Is there any advice in there for talking to clients about different logo options and deciding on a final version? For instance if they have an unusual request and your trying to get them away from that idea.

  9. Thanks a lot, Leighton. For the tweet, too.

    Often the way, Nancy, when a designer’s preferred idea is decided against. Great to have you as a contributor.

    Good ideas, Steve. And thanks, Marvin.

    I appreciate that, Christine. One of the aims would definitely be to make it different enough from the first so it wouldn’t feel like buying the same book. But that said, it’s already enough that so many of you have picked up a copy. I’d certainly not expect a repeat purchase.

    For me, when I look back at the book I always notice things I’d change, making it better in terms of print quality as well as incorporating my own development over the past three years or so. An entirely new book has crossed my mind. Something pretty similar to your suggestion, actually.

    Andre, if a client requests a direction I don’t think will work, and he or she is fairly adamant, I’ll show that idea alongside one I think is more appropriate. It’ll often help keep the project on the right track.

    The book has quite an emphasis on working with clients, so I think it’ll help you. My second book looks at working with clients, too.

  10. Well done David on a great success. I’ve had the book for over a year now, and in that time it has left my shelf uncountable times! I think giving the reader an understanding of the processes behind the research and development is of great importance, especially for new designers and those learning the trade.

    I also believe that the processes of dealing with clients, revisions, critique etc is also an important factor which can only really be learnt ‘on the job’ but I think by incorporating your experiences and advice into words can really benefit the reader.

    I often show the book to marketing/web/PR associates I work with as it gives them an insight into the world of identity design, as they don’t always fully appreciate the work that goes into it. Looking forward to the next edition!

  11. I hope that the next edition will be available in Spanish. (And the first too).

    Regards from Chile.

  12. Will the second edition also include all the content from the first book? I’ve been thinking of ordering it (borrowed it previously from the school library), but after learning that a second edition will be released, might be better to wait for next summer then?

  13. Bought the book a couple of years ago on my first year of studying graphic design and found it very useful and informative. Now graduated and working as a freelance designer with a several logos on the portfolio ;) I have to say this book was very formative and a great guide that helped define what I loved most in the field. Logo Design. <3

    So thank you for that and Im looking forward to your next!


  14. I hope so, too, Manuel. It’s up to any Spanish publishers who want to add the book to their collections.

    Emil, no, there’ll be parts I want to change and to replace. It’ll be similar, but the idea is to improve it. Nearly five years will have passed between editions, and my outlook has changed in that time, too.

    Pamela, Gareth, Kevin, thanks as always for your fantastic support.

  15. That’s great to know, John. Thanks a lot.

    Hi Ashlee, I got the new contract last week, signed it and mailed it back to my publisher. I’ll start work on the new edition once I’ve finished a couple of identity projects, and the aim is to get the book printed next summer.

  16. Adorei o seu livro David. Quando teremos um Logo Design Love 2?



    David loved your book. When will we have a Logo Design Love 2?



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