Shoop is the brainchild of Noam Oppenheimer, an Israeli architect with a burning passion to bring hot soup to the people of central London. Alongside chef Brem Gil, their mission is to serve up delicious soups (and sandwiches and salads) freshly made every day from seasonal ingredients.

With a site secured in Fitzrovia, the biggest challenge was to attract attention in an already saturated “casual dining” market, and attempt to lure office workers and tourists alike away from the multitude of tried and tested lunchtime chains.

With this in mind, Lizzie Frost wanted to create a logo that felt as warm and inviting as Shoop’s signature dish, and reflected Noam’s irreverent sense of humour – without becoming too cheesy or childish.

In Lizzie’s words, “The winking spoon and bowl felt perfect. Just crazy enough – or maybe I mean just subtle enough – to work. I kept the logo grounded by pairing it with clean modern typography; a carefully balanced combination of sans (Circular Std) and serif (Kings Caslon Typo).”

A lovely example of how the logo can be the star of the show (after the soup of course), and that not every business needs an elaborate design system.

Unfortunately the design shown on the website (pictured below) doesn’t have the visual balance seen in Lizzie’s work.

Shoop logo
As seen on

Still, the original symbol’s great.

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Love the spoon & bowl! Will also be interpreted as a winking smiling person. Not a bad combo! The two typefaces are different in the same subtle way. From the owners standpoint, love the food they are serving. I would, in a minor critique, say that green tea should be on the same line as english breakfast and earl grey as all three are Actual teas (Camillia Sinensis). Chamomile and peppermint are herbal drinks that are referred to as tea but are just wannabes!

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