This week saw the launch of Maria Sharapova’s first entrepreneurial venture, a new gummy and sour candy line dubbed Sugarpova.

Sugarpova logo

Maria enlisted the help of Red Antler (in partnership with Dentsu), and the challenge was to “create a brand, packaging and website for Maria Sharapova’s new premium gummy candy line that represents the sweet, fashionable side of this tennis icon.”

Sugarpova logo

“One of our designers came up with the idea to change the pattern and the shape embedded in the lips depending on the flavor, which serves as great system for the brand and also highlights the different personalities and sides of Maria.”

Sugarpova logo


Sugarpova logo

Sugarpova website


A portion of every Sugarpova purchase is given to the Maria Sharapova Foundation for helping children across the world achieve their dreams.

Read more on USA TODAY.


August 22, 2012


Why is she promoting sweets when she’s a sportswoman?
Images of sweets in perfect white teeth just feels wrong.

It’s good that and undisclosed portion of the profits go to her foundation, but why did she have to pick sweets? Because of the pun on her name?

Because sweets are good, and it’s fine as long as you dont abuse it. Plus, everyone likes candy! She probably likes them a lot, too. Anyways, they look good, but a bit pricy.

Maria said in the video, “I’ve always had a sweet tooth, and I’ve always wanted to find myself in the candy business somehow.” Fair play to her. She’s taking a passion and running with it.

What I’d like to see, though, is the removal of artificial flavours and colours from the range — something like what the Natural Candy Store does. That’d be setting a better example, and creating a better product.

One of the better personality and product combinations I’ve seen.
There’s a slight uneasyness (that a word?) with the whole teeth sweet theme. But overall a strong design set bound to do well I’d say.

Nice if tenuous idea, nice packaging, but I fear totally the wrong product. This is 100% Haribo country (at least in europe) and as far as I know young women don’t eat lots of Haribo.

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