Taaldoktoren (language doctors) is a translation company “making your texts better.”


They offer services like editing Dutch texts (linguistic surgery) and translating texts from Dutch to English and vice versa.

“The punchline came up after I was playing around with words like ‘text’ and ‘textual’, while thinking about lyrics with “sexual” in them… and what fitted better than “Textual healing”?

“I decided to focus on bold textual statements, but with a referral to typical doctors’ items. The invoice, for example, can be opened by ‘removing the stitches’ on the paper.

“Since Taaldoktoren is a English/Dutch translation company the website is designed in a way that lets the Dutch and English information easily exist side by side. Exactly what Taaldoktoren (language doctors) stands for.”



How about these contact “cards” inside capsules?


Designed by Rotterdam-based Tamara Pruis, aka Le Concepteur. Tamara also designed the Taaldoktoren website.


November 30, 2012


Innovative, yes. Useful? Not so much.

Beautiful designs but without reading your description, I can’t tell what the company does via this branding. At all. Surely there has to be SOME indication as to the services they provide?

Clean design. Nice colours. Like the play on words as well.

But the contact cards inside capsules seem quite unhandy and self-made to me. Although they surely have this special surprise effect.

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