Dove logo

Logos of companies that test on animals

Wheelchair logo New York

The “wheelchair” symbol gets an update

New SFA logo axed

New SFA logo axed a few days after launch

Amarillo logo

A fluke accident. Clearly.

Australia cigarette packaging

Unbranded cigarettes perceived as less satisfying

UPS logo

“The Golden Combover”

Adam Eve Apple logo

Apple logo insults Russian Orthodox Christians

I Love New York logo

I Love NY logo set for makeover

Downtown Arlington logo


Madrid 2020 logo

Madrid 2020 logo causes controversy

Waterstones apostrophe

Waterstones reveals new (old) logo

Benjamin Franklin

LogoGarden secures $2M in funding

MGM Grand logo, yours for just £29

Brandstack logo

Brandstack closes, leaves designers out of pocket

Human Rights logo

Human Rights logo selected