Target logo from memory

Famous logos drawn from memory

Mastercard symbol

Mastercard simplified

Hitchcock with lion

The history of the MGM lions

Wheelchair logo New York

The “wheelchair” symbol gets an update

Apple office signage

Original Apple office signage from $10,000

Picasso Deux Personnages

Found it

Fat McDonalds logo

Satirical logos by Maentis

Salvador Dali photo

Salvador Dali’s Chupa Chups logo

Star Wars logo Suzy Rice

Star Wars logo evolution

Well known logos

Do good logos need to look good?

British Airways Boeing 737

British Airways logo evolution

Nunc est Bibendum poster

The birth of the Michelin Man

Jagermeister bottle and logo

Jägermeister and Saint Hubertus

Banksy CND logo

On circular logos

Brand logos

The illusion of choice