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From time-to-time I’ll come across online articles and features that I think you’ll be interested in. Here is the first in a series of signposts, giving a little added exposure to those who also love logo design.

Logo design for Talk

talk logo design

An insight into the Talk logo, which I find both simple and effective, by Denis, of 38one.

Accepting change

old and new logos

A brief reminisce about the good old logo times in this past, yet still relevant insight, from Chris Glass.

Why logo contests don’t work

bulldog logo design

Just a few reasons why logo design contests don’t work, from Steve of the Logo Factor. Fraud logo designers are ripping off his work and submitting it into design contests. Not for the first time either.

An interview with Jeff Fisher

logo motives

An insightful interview with Jeff Fisher, the popular logo designer, conducted by Jacob Cass of Just Creative Design.

Marks of Excellence

marks of excellence

Marks of Excellence is one of the most comprehensive logo design books available (in case you missed it on my graphic design blog).

UEFA football club logo gallery

Liverpool FC logo

Not so much ‘talking’ about logo design, rather featuring it. Here’s an A–Z library of European football club logos. Quite the collection.

Brands experienced throughout the day

brand timeline

This brand timeline tells a story of the products interacted with throughout the day. I might do this with my own brand experiences, minus the cat food for breakfast ;) (via Brand New).

Are you talking about logo design?

If you’ve published any relevant logo design articles, do let me know. I’m always on the lookout for more people / logos to feature.

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  1. Great post idea for this blog!

    Not really talking about logo design at the moment… latest article was about favicons though – some used logos (the most effective ones actually).

    p.s. The comment luv text section is missing an apostrophe!

    kristarellas last blog post…The Art of Favicons

  2. David, I’m also looking forward to more of these type of links.

    ‘Brands experienced throughout the day’ is an interesting idea. I might join you in your day, then perhaps we can compare products? (not sure if I’d ad cat food … have to think about that one …).

    cats last blog post…Airborne and Dreaming of Banners

  3. my thing currently is seeing if I can spot recent logo upgrades (ala Accepting Change). I’ve noticed television has been getting an upgrade across the board. Must have to do with the whole HDTV changeover. Everyone wants to look spanking new.

    I would be honored to have ya look over logos I have designed and tell me what you think. I’m a production artist that made good and mostly develop logos and brands now. I’ve been ubber prolific the last few years. All can be seen at my website (I’m not a website developer so please ignore the plain old use of templates and simple lists).

    I know everyone here is heavy into the blog, but I have not found the time to develop, write or read others. If it doesn’t conveniently come to my email box, I am unlikely to find the time to go seek it out. Thank goodness Logo Design Love hits my inbox frequently!


  4. Jacob,

    Yes, that’s a good addition, and the discussion that followed makes for an interesting read too.


    No worries. It was nice getting an insight into how you work.


    Thanks for picking up on the missing apostrophe. I’ve added it back in. You have a keen eye. ;)


    Good to know this round-up idea is wanted. Thanks for the email, which I’ll reply to shortly.


    I’m glad you enjoy receiving email updates, and appreciate you subscribing. If there’s a particular logo you’d like my feedback on, feel free to send an email.

  5. Yeah, I participate in a lot of contests. I saw this one where the logo was exactly the same, they just changed the name of the company. It’s people like that who mess things up for those of us who are putting in all the hard work and effort to create great designs.

  6. “Why Logo Design Contests don’t work”

    I personally don’t understand why someone would want an impersonal logo from a “logo factory”. Part of my logo design for a client is to find out everything I can about a client, about them, their business, their dreams, their customers, their hopes for the future of their business, and so on. Do designers who submit to logo factories do this? How can they design a logo with as much care and dedication as the client has for their business? We are talking about a symbol that represents in whole the client and/or their business. This symbol/logo should represent the client’s personality, their business personality and make their customers smile when they see it. Logo design is not about slick, trendy design, nor it is about the designer, it is about the CLIENT.


  7. I noticed an interesting trend in the set of logo re-designs (accepting change): the new logos all added a slant, upwards to the right, either with the type (as with Burger King, Pizza Hut, or KFC) or the figure (as with Taco Bell and KFC).

    It seems that once one company redesigns their logo a certain ways, others have to copy, so that all the logos end up with the seem feel and look to them. I wonder why this is so? Maybe standing out is not such a good thing when you’re a brand name?

  8. “Accepting Change”

    Pizza Hut, Long John Silver’s, KFC and Taco Bell (and A&W) are all owned by Yum! Brands so, I presume, all the logo updates were done by the same design house. I did look through the Landor website (designed new Pizza Hut logo), but couldn’t find mention of Pizza Hut or Yum! Brands, so I don’t know for sure.


  9. I really like the Talk logo. Simple is the best way to go… always. I would also like to read and have clients read “Why logo design doesn’t cost $5.00.” Pitching logo price quotes is the hardest of all the offerings.

  10. Ah, logos …. I don’t know what intrigues me so much about them but I enjoy looking at them and inventing them myself. I’ve wrote about the logo design process on my blog. I wouldn’t really call it an in-depth lesson (you have to keep in mind people’s attention spans when you start getting long-winded, lol). But for the most part I put down my thoughts on the subject.

  11. Roberta,

    It would be interesting to know more about your contest participation, such as the time spent versus the reward.


    Absolutely. It’s vital to understand as much as possible about the clients business before embarking on a new logo project.


    Standing out is definitely a good thing, but all too often a trend will spark many followers. Those who set the trends will always be ahead of the game.


    It’s a good one (the Talk logo). I agree. Jacob also did a good job with his $5 logo article.


    I’ll visit your blog shortly and read your own article. Thanks for letting me know, and for your recent email too.

  12. I am a graphic design student. I often come to this website for inspiration. Currently, I need to create a logo for myself . I find this task very difficult. If anyone has any advice please let me know.

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