Dreaming the best and worst of Hershey’s

DreamWorks logo

Alex talks about the stories behind Holywood studio logos, on Neatorama. Thanks, Vivek.


Judging by these HERSHEY’S chocolate wrappers — dating back some 100 years — there’s an awful lot of brand recognition in the all-caps logo. Via Armin, at Quipsologies.

brand design

100 brands of interest — a collection of logos from graphic designers / design agencies.

RAC logo

David, of September Industry, is appreciating the RAC identity, created in 1997 by North.

Pentagram logos

A couple of photos from the launch party of Pentagram’s new book, Pentagram Marks: 400 Symbols and Logos.

Canadian logos

James White, of Signalnoise.com, has pieced together a Canadian logo collection from The Canadian Design Resource. Via ISO50.

Maggie Macnab logo design sketch

Denis Radenkovic, of Logolog, gives us a look at Maggie Macnab’s design projects, and you can find many more in her excellent logo book, Decoding Design.

best worst logos

Brand New’s best and worst of 2008. Armin rounds off the year with his choice picks from the fantastic Brand New blog.

I hope you all have a fantastic new year, and thanks very much for reading!

6 responses

  1. Thanks for the sharing, David.

    @ George, I guess David went our for the boxing day :)
    I’m from Malaysia but in Indonesia (neighboring country), design = desain. Let’s take this positively.

  2. Thanks for picking up on my mistake, George, and thanks, Rafie, for offering an explanation. ;)

    Andrew, Khayyam,

    I particularly enjoy how David featured all the logos in black only, so we concentrate on their form as opposed to colour scheme.

  3. I liked the brands of interest. Especially them being in black & white. Now I have to redo my logo so it translates better in pure black & white as well.

    I really liked the Best and Worst redesigns of 2008. Mostly because SDSU was mentioned in the worst column. I’m from South Dakota and a graduate of BHSU. Basically every other university in the state hates SDSU so I got a kick out of their being featured as a worst case (also, being from SD, I was not at all surprised).

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