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50 Golden Brands

50 golden brands

The Marketing Society has launched a new website, 50 Golden Brands:

“To celebrate our 50th Anniversary we’ve selected the 50 brands that shone most brightly in each of the last 50 years.”

Certainly worth a look. Thanks Yael.

The trouble with hearts in logos

Belfast heart logo

The trouble with hearts, from Johnson Banks.

“…the truth is that anyone designing a logo that includes what the lawyers would call ‘a generic shape’ – ie a heart, or a circle, or a rectangle or a diamond – has to face up to the fact that that there will, by the law of averages, be other versions close to the version gleaming at you on your computer screen.”

A good point to reference my similar logos feature.

Olympic logos

olympic rings

Olympic logos, from Scott Hansen.

“Obviously branding and information design are central to each Olympic experience and while I’ve posted a lot on past Olympics, I thought it would be good to get all of the logos together in one post.”

Airline logo collection

swiss air canada logo

Peak Season, an airline logo collection, from Visual Culture.

“Given that August is the most popular month for vacationing, we thought it would be appropriate to put together this travel-related post. Here’s a detailed list of airline logos for your perusal. We researched hundreds of logos, picked out the best of the best and sorted them into 3 categories: type treatment, bird symbols, and general symbols.”

Another signpost opportunity: airline logo designs.

When cheap logos aren’t actually cheap

graphic design blog

A cheap logo design could cost more than expected, from Tara of Graphic Design Blog.

“…they were happy with the design and so had it printed on their stationery, literature and vans. The problem began when they found another local company in the same line of work had a very similar logo.”

54 creative logos from LogoPond

elephruit logo

54 creative logos hand-picked from LogoPond, from DzineBlog.

“The better a logo greater the probability that your clients will remember you and get back to you.”

Some excellent designs, some not so excellent. Here are some more creative LogoPond designs:

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August 20, 2008


A truly impressive post indeed !. Love the Moscow 1980 logo – truly evokes communist era logo design. Think it would look nice on a t-shirt. Also very interesting is the evolution of the Delta Air logo. It truly signifies going along with the times ! Great post – keep it up !

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