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Veerle shares her logo design process with her readers. I’ve been subscribed to Veerle’s blog for some time — nice to see a logo feature.


Should you use a logo or a photo as your Twitter picture? Michael, of Pro Blog Design, has written a concisive post about the subject, which I also addressed on (use your avatar to build brand recognition).

apple logos

Victoria school forced to change apple logo. Via The Logo Factory.

old Midland Bank logo

CR Blog list the shameful reality of brand jargon from their fictitious rebrand article mentioned here in the previous talking about logo design post. One more from CR Blog, following the current financial crisis, and looking at the trend of bank logos: the banks have some explaining to do.

Starbucks logo

James Kurtz highlights blog posts about logo design evolution, including one of my previous features here on Logo Design Love.

Decoding Design

Todd Bertsch, from Design Dump, is giving away two copies of Maggie Macnab’s Decoding Design. I’ve previously featured Maggie’s logo book on, so if you want a sneak preview before entering the draw, you know where to look.

Ford logos

More logo design evolution. Via Design Observer and swissmiss.

Best Buy logo

Best Buy gets a new logo design, with mixed reviews in the Brand New reader comments.

If you have any logo design news or resources, and would like a mention on Logo Design Love, please do drop me a message.


I just did a post on the proposed Best Buy logo change, I had to dig all over the place to get the info I did, I don’t know why the BrandNew post didn’t show up in my searches, it would have made my research alot easier (or I may not have even posted about it, seeing that they did such a thorough job reporting on it!), oh well, I just subscribed to their RSS feed anyway.

Thanks for sharing the interesting selection of posts!

You’re very welcome, James.


The Brand New site is a great resource. I’m sure you’ll appreciate subscribing to their feed.


Ah yes, I viewed that one recently too. Thanks for taking the time to post a link.

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the well-wishes with my move to Ireland. Settling in nicely, and recovering from last night’s football match (shin pads only offer so much protection).

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